1-on-1 Coaching

Want your brand to go bada-bing-bada-BOOM on the interwebs?

  • To get messages like, “OMG where have you BEEN all my life?!” “Are you reading my mind?!” and “do you have any client openings, like, right now?!” whenever you login to Facebook…and have clients EXCITED to pay you rates that feel totally abundant?
  • To watch with glee as subject lines like, “Your piece just went live on (Mind Body Green/Entrepreneur/Elite Daily/The Huffington Post/Business Insider)” tumble into your inbox on the regular?
  • To have influencers that you’ve previously idolized/cyber-stalked-the-shit-out-of start reaching out to YOU with invitations onto their stages/podcasts/summits/programs?
  • Suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by the erupting volcano of comments/likes/shares that has become your Facebook profile (you’ll just have to suffer through it Miss Thang ;))?
  • Feel a sense of OVERFLOW, ABUNDANCE, SPACIOUSNESS, and ORGANIZATION around money and time as you RAISE YOUR RATES for 1 on 1 coaching (and sell out with ease), and successfully launch group programs and courses that allow you to LEVERAGE your time (and make MORE income with LESS effort)?
  • To find the perfect words to turn your unique blend of experience/gifts into a signature curriculum + branded body of work that establishes you as a go-to expert in your field?
  • To grow your existing business to 6 or multi-6 figures per year in revenue – in a way that FEELS GOOD and allows every area of your life to FLOURISH, not just your finances?
  • To WAY DEEPEN your connection to your intuition + spirituality and spend increasing amounts of time every day in the FLOW STATE?
  • To embrace your role as a living, breathing permission slip for your message and the QUEEN of your business/online domain?

I’d love to work with you…

…but first you should know:

Though the process of becoming authentically visible + highly profitable is in many ways, totally freaking wonderful, it can also push ALL. OF. YOUR. BUTTONS.

So in addition to all the marketing/pr/biz strategy/wordsmither-y you can handle, when we coach together 1-on-1, I’ll also help you excavate allll the pesky, niggling fear thoughts, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage patterns, and low-vibrational tendencies that are keeping you handcuffed to the role of UNDERPAID SERVICE PROVIDER when you know you’re ready to embody into the role of FINANCIALLY THRIVING THOUGHT LEADER.  You’ll go from PLAYING IT SAFE with your marketing to MAKING WAVES with each and every word.

In a word?

It will NOT be totally “comfy” but it WILL BE worth it as fuck.

Here’s the type of client I work best with in a 1 on 1 capacity:

  • We have a natural chemistry.  This is CRITICAL – I do not work with anyone who I don’t absolutely love/deeply vibe with/who’s work I can’t 110% get behind.  It’s also *very* important to me that you resonate with the way I do life and business and could see us being close friends.
  • You fit my ideal 1 on 1 client profile.  This means you either a) already have a service based business and want to expand your online visibility/income, b) already have an online following and would like to start monetizing it or c) Have had considerable success in your field + deep expertise and are looking to create a business around it (perhaps you’ve been in corporate and are now going off on your own or you’ve been an entrepreneur in the past and are looking to re-brand/move into a new space.  Bottom line? There is a strong existing foundation and you’re ready to take it to the next level and hit the ground running (If you are a newbie/desire to move at a slower pace – coaching with me 1 on 1 is not the right fit and you will be better served in one of my courses or group programs).
  • You get that the inner work is a HUGE factor in your business’s success and you place a high value on it.  You want a mentor who is both a masterful energy healer/coach AND a genius when it comes to content, marketing and PR.

Here’s what your 6 Month Coaching Package includes

  • Feel Good Marketing questionnaire to kick off our work together
  • weekly 45 min coaching sessions (24 sessions total)
  • Unlimited FB messenger support between sessions.
  • Access to all of my courses and group programs, including: The Feel Good Marketing Mastermind, Content Queen, Publicity School, Worthy Now, Bundle Your Brilliance, SOULd Out, and Overlooked to Fully Booked (plus everything else I launch over the course of our work together).
  • Light copy sparkle in-between sessions

Investment: 1 payment of $10,000 or 6 monthly payments of $2k (when you pay in full you get a bonus 2.5 hour virtual VIP day).

Click here to purchase.

If you’d like to dive in with me 1 on 1 to explore whether this is a fit, click here to apply for a discovery call!

**I only offer discovery calls for people who are seriously considering working with me in my 6 month 1 on 1 package and have the ability to invest + get started immediately.  This is not a coaching call but a decision making session to ensure this is your next right step.