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Book Adoration: “Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl”

I’ve recently become obsessed with Debra Ollivier’s fabulous and oh so french literary creation, Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl. Full of french fashion advice, recipes, film recommendations, and mini bios of great french women of history, I love the book’s inspirational and empowering tone, demonstrated in her description of the quintessential french woman:

“She is an essence, a way of being, a mindset—and she exists in us all. She is that part of us that is free—and not bound up by the joyless strings of morality or guilt. She’s that part of us that has a sense of continuity in life, that doesn’t rush, that feels sexy for no apparent reason. She is, more fundamentally, that part of us that does not want to live according to what others think she should be. She is her own woman. Entirely.”

I highly recommend this book to any girl who loves being both fearless and feminine (and who secretly wishes she lived in Paris!).

Au revior and happy reading!

How To Stay Entertained During a Hurricane

Photo: Pinterest

A few tips for making the most of this stormy weather….

*Stock up on necessities like a flashlight, batteries, wine & scented candles

*Make a hurricane mix CD

*Read the September issue of Vogue in bed

*Sip hot Coco

*Re-organize your closet

*Write snail mail to your closest gal pals

*Cuddle with your significant other/pet/unsuspecting roommate

*Hope that work/school/general adult obligations get cancelled on Monday

*Spend the day in your PJs

*Start baking cookies but end up just eating the batter (what are you supposed to do without power?)


*Begin a craft project

*Take pictures of the rain drops on your window

*Do Yoga

Happy Hurricane!

Feeling a bit hippy-ish…

Feeling a bit hippy-ish...

Free People long sheer dress
$168 –

Monsoon flower cardigan
£50 –

£45 –

Cheap Monday charcoal shirt
€35 –

Polka dot top

Rachel Comey double breasted coat
$760 –

Forever21 ankle booties
£17 –

Giuseppe Zanotti clutch hand bag
$595 –

$178 –

Cameo pin jewelry
$15 –

I Love My T s fringed shawl
€95 –

Bits and Pieces of My Life: Office Edition

A sneak peak at my workspace…

My desk top, complete with all the essentials: Colorful screen saver, aromatherapy mist (peppermint for energy, lavender for stress-relief), framed photos that make me smile, to-do list/mouse pad (made from recycled paper, of course!), pretty purple coffee mug, mini zen garden, & day planner.

Work-related reading material, business cards, inspirational photo, and scented candle (to add a sense of coziness if I’m stuck in the office working late)


A peak at my ideal schedule collage that lives in the front of my planner. Basically a visual representation of my goals and the things I want to attract into my life.

What keeps you feeling fabulous in your work space?