Monthly Archives: January 2012

My trip to Israel

Recently took part in an amazing 10-day trip to Israel through Birthright. In addition to eating enough falafel and Rugalah to last a lifetime, trip highlights included…

* Hiking to the top of Masada in time to watch the sunrise, and then teaching a yoga class at the top!

* Floating in the Dead Sea…

* And then getting covered head to toe in mud!

* Lots of quality time with my baby sister ☺

* Sipping freshly squeezed fruit juice…so yummy!

* Riding a (blonde!) camel through the Negev Desert (Linds and I named her Lady)

* Wandering through the charming cobblestone streets of Svat, where the roots of Kabala and Jewish mysticism can be found

* Celebrating Shabbat!

* Savoring all the colorful produce and spices in Jerusalem’s food markets

Taking part in a community service activity with adorable Israeli schoolchildren

* Making a wonderful new group of friends, most of whom live in the DC area!

I think the biggest highlight of the trip, however, is deeper connection I now feel to my Jewish identity (yes, I drank the Koolaid!). But in all seriousness, learning about Israeli history and politics, visiting important historical sites, getting to know Israeli soldiers on a personal level, and spending time with 38 Jewish peers created a rich, wonderful and multilayered experience for which I’m extremely grateful.

New Years Musings

The above photo made me laugh and pretty much encapsulates my feelings about new years resolutions. I’d much rather dream about and celebrate the year to come than set a bunch of unrealistic goals about how this year I will finally become perfect. So in lieu of more typical resolutions, I’ve decided to choose a word for 2012 that will guide my thoughts and actions. And that word is “Savor”. Here is a brief snapshot of what I look forward to savoring in 2012…

Belly laughs * Late night Vampire Diaries marathons * My boyfriend’s hugs * New books * New friends * Old friends * Weekend getaways * Sparkly dresses * Ideas * My morning coffee * Travel * Twizzlers * Being kind * Pedicures * Work * Walking in nature * Massages * Giving back to the world * Creating beauty everyday * Living simply * Family * Dance * Yoga, yoga and more yoga!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2012. I invite you to join me in savoring all that it has to offer.