Monthly Archives: June 2013

Add some sparkle to your summer…

A smattering of ideas for cultivating more joie de vivre as the temperatures riseā€¦

* Say yes to random invitations

* Try something new and be willing to make a fool of yourself 
* Dedicate your yoga practice (or spin class or soccer game) to someone you love or a cause you care about 
* Cook a delicious meal and share it with your roommates 
* Sleep naked 
* Visit a psychic 
* Make a new friend 
* Attend a rooftop pool party 
* Carry a miniature water gun in your purse 
* Read a genre of book that is outside your norm 
* Get a massage 
* Stay up all night looking at the stars 
* Put flowers in your hair 
* Take a road trip 
* Buy a fun plant and give it a name 
* Turn off your cell phone for a day 
* Go on a bike ride 
* Write a list of everything that is bothering you on a piece of paper and burn it 
* Create a weekly ritual with friends
* Eat a popsicle 
* Wear sundresses
* Go for a long walk by the water 
* Grab a stack of your favorite magazines and lay in the sun 
Feel free to leave your own ideas for generating a little summer sparkle in the comments below…

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