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How to stop obsessing over things you can’t control

Ever wanted something baaaaad?

Like—hot fudge brownies after a juice cleanse, trade in your firstborn child, Olivia and Fitz in an empty room on Scandal—bad?

Maybe you applied for a job that is ridiculously perfect for you. You’ve polished your resume to gleaming perfection, nailed the first interview, and sent a hand written thank you note to possible soon-to-be employer.

Or you just started dating someone and the chemistry off the chain. He seems like he could be the handsome spiritual Romeo to your Juliet and you have visions of the two of you making puns, doing sun salutations and saving the world as you ride off together into the (possibly Costa Rican) sunset! (just me?)

Whatever the situation, you’re excited. No dancing around the perimeter anymore, you’ve taken the risk, put yourself out there, and are now ALL IN.

It’s awesome, exciting & totally exhilarating.

But not knowing if it’s going to all work out is also making you feel, oh how do I put this delicately, FUCKING ANXIOUS!

The thing is it’s easy to be all cool, calm and collected when you don’t care that much about the outcome. When you could really go either way.

But when you do care? It can take everything you have not to unleash a stage 5 hurricane of anxiety onto the world (and hopefully not but unfortunately very possibly) the object of your desire.

If you can relate to what I’m talking about even a little (You know who you are) watch this video and apply these tools (I promise, you’ll thank me later):


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How to Improve Your Energy & Stay Positive

Ever had one of those days where literally EVERYTHING goes wrong?

You oversleep, rush to the office, and end up spilling your skinny vanilla latte all over your skirt. In an attempt to calm down you log onto Facebook and discover that the ex who broke your heart is dating someone new. And she’s pretty.

Next you open your email, and as you scan your inbox your shoulders begin to tighten as you realize everything you have to do. You’ve barely started responding to messages when your boss stops by with an important project that needs to be done ASAP.

Minutes after you’ve switched gears and begun the new project, your computer freezes and forces you to restart. As you wait for it to do it’s thing (even though you SO don’t have time for this), you check your phone, wondering if the cute guy you met last weekend has texted you. He hasn’t. But your roommate has. There has been a small flood in your apartment. Nothing too crazy, she assures you, everything’s just wet and smells a little like mold…

Can you relate?

Many of us can.

We want to be happy, poised, and serene, but sometimes life just throws a whole lot of crazy our way. And while this story might be a slight exaggeration, I’m confident that many of you can relate to having your good mood and positive intentions rocked by external events outside your control.

LUCKILY, our moods don’t have to be at the whim of fate. In fact, the more we learn about ourselves and practice tools designed to enhance peace and serenity, that harder our calm will be to shake and the quicker we’ll bounce back when it is shaken.

In today’s video I discuss 7 of my favorite tools for reconnecting to your positive energy when you feel out of whack. Use them, share them with your friends, and feel free to leave a comment if they resonate with you:


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