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The importance of divine timing in your life + business

Last summer, after 2 years of working tirelessly to get my business off the ground, I was finally feeling solid and steady.

I had left my marketing agency job to coach full-time, filled up my 1-on-1 practice with awesome clients, and successfully launched 2 rounds of my signature group program for new coaches, Marketing Mastery.  

Business was good…but I was restless.

I had been in DC for 7 years and felt a strong desire to travel…not just to go on a vacation…but to live a more nomadic + adventurous lifestyle.

With this clarity, however, came a flurry of anxiety and questions…

Where would I go?

Would I actually be able to do my work in the exotic places my heart longed to visit?

Would it be lonely?

What if traveling ruined the business I had just worked my buns off to build?

I began exploring options and doing research…

  • I investigated a 3-week stint in Costa Rica…but the retreat center where I wanted to stay couldn’t guarantee electricity, let alone wifi.
  • A friend invited me to work from her boyfriend’s beach house in Spain…but then they broke up and those plans fell through.
  • I met a boy who really made my heart go pitter pat and for a swoon-worthy 48 hours considered spending a month in Colorado to explore the possibility there…but then things fizzled out.
  • Then one of my best friends had a family tragedy…and really needed me to be in DC.

I temporarily pressed pause on my travel plans, forgetting them for a bit.  

But The Universe didn’t forget about my desires (it never does) and was conspiring to bring me the exact right travel experience at the exact right time.

One sunny summer afternoon I was lounging by the pool at my Mom’s house and she mentioned a program she had just read about in the New York Times called Remote Year, where 75 young professionals travel to 12 countries in 12 months while working remotely.

My heart skipped a beat as her words sunk in, and I felt a sense of exhilaration coursing through my body.  This was EXACTLY the kind of experience I’d been wanting but I didn’t even know existed.

I immediately began visualizing myself on the trip and saying affirmations, and when registration re-opened, I applied straight away.  After a few essays and a Skype interview, I was accepted, and a couple days later I sent in my deposit.  

It happened so easily this time…with none of the hiccups that I had experienced last spring.

I share this story because I KNOW how frustrating it is to have a big juicy desire or think you’re ready for your next up-level…but feel like things just aren’t lining up for you.

  • Maybe you want to start a coaching business but have no clue how you would find your first paid clients, let alone replace/exceed your current salary.
  • Perhaps you want to reach a wider audience….but hear crickets whenever you share content on social media or pitch a guest post to a publication you love.
  • Or it’s possible you’re looking for a lifestyle shift like I was…but the “how” of it all feels totally overwhelming.

I want to remind you that despite current appearances, whatever you want is not only possible, it’s on its way to you.  

If you keep bumping up against obstacles it doesn’t mean that your desires aren’t in the cards for you.  It might just mean that you’re not quiiiiite ready yet and that something even better than you could have imagined is coming to you…in the perfect way at the perfect time.

The best thing you can do is to have faith, take inspired action toward making your desires a reality, and loosen your grip on the exact result/timeframe…allowing The Universe to do her thing (and even take your breath away every now and then ;)).

Desires are like seeds—when we keep watering them, they will eventually grow into beautiful plants…but in the beginning, when a seed is first planted, it can look like nothing is happening.

Whatever you’re currently manifesting, do your best not to get discouraged or give up just because everything is not going perfectly and it doesn’t fall into your lap immediately.

Trust in divine timing, you won’t regret it 😉

Do you suffer from business FOMO?

Just Say No To FOMO

My last few weeks living/working in Montevideo, Uruguay have been a whirlwind that I can only describe as summer camp meets study abroad meets the first month of freshman year of college.

I have been surrounded by novelty (people, language, places, food) and still running my business as usual (complete with a booked up 1-on-1 practice + group program).

It’s been wonderful….with an emphasis on the FULL part.

So last Friday as I was about to hop onto a crowded bus for a weekend Surf Trip to a beach town called Punta Del Este…a little voice inside told me to stop.

My intuition spoke very clearly, saying: “Don’t go away this weekend, Rebecca.  You need to rest.”

My logical brain fought back (as it does…)

“You’ve already paid for this!”, “You love surfing!”, and the big one…”everyone else is doing it.”

Basically I was faced with some major FOMO (fear of missing out) if I didn’t go…but I know myself…and I know what happens when I ignore that quiet yet wise inner voice of mine…IT GETS LOUDER AND LOUDER UNTIL I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO LISTEN.

So I stayed…and rest I did (I took a 4 hour nap on Saturday and enjoyed 3 back-to-back nights of 9 hours of sleep).  I have zero regrets and am starting off the week refreshed and in the zone.  I even ended up going to a local beach on Sunday and had a (chill) blast.

The whole experience got me thinking about this concept of FOMO and how it not only impacts our lives…but our businesses.

For example, have you ever…

  • Gotten sucked into a marketing campaign for something you didn’t even know you needed…only to end up overwhelmed, distracted, and financially overextended because you tried to take on too much at once?

  • Compared your business, offerings, or website to people in your industry who are a few steps ahead of you…and felt totally inadequate as a result?

  • Attempted to try every new marketing tactic an “expert” recommended…but done nothing consistently…and ended up scattered + seeing minimal results?

  • Felt really proud of hitting a particular business milestone…until you notice on Facebook that so and so made 6-figures in 6 months as a brand new coach…and assume there must be something wrong with YOU because your wins just aren’t as big and shiny?

If you can relate, I have news for you: You’re suffering from business FOMO.

And it’s literally kryptonite for your success as a coach.

The good news?  There is a cure.

Read on for my no-fail process to help you unhook from FOMO so you can stay in your own lane, trust yourself, and create a FABULOUS business + life that is unique to YOU.

1. Tune in

We all have an inner voice that always sends us messages guiding us to our highest and best.  This inner advisor is powerful + oh so wise…but can easily get drowned out by busyness + mental chatter.  Be sure to take a few minutes each day for silent reflection, meditation and/or journaling to allow this wellspring of wisdom to rise to the surface…and start trusting it when it does appear!

2. Set boundaries around social media

The online world can be a blessing and a curse for coaches and healers.  It can provide us with tons of awesome information + emotional support…along with infinite people to compare ourselves + our progress to (and thus infinite opportunities to feel inferior).  It is VITALLY important that you engage on social media intentionally and with awareness (ie. minimize notifications/checking up on your “competition” and focus on growing + nurturing YOUR community).

3. Ask yourself: “What am I REALLY afraid of?”

It’s super important to get to the root of your flavor of FOMO.  Typically it revolves around some aspect of not enough-ness and a scarcity mindset.  Are you worried about falling behind?  Not being smart enough? Tech-savvy enough?  Well-connected enough?  Ultimately scarcity is a myth (and thus, so is FOMO).

Repeat after me…

You can never miss out on a thing, person or experience that is truly meant for you—and when you ground into + fully embrace this concept of abundance and enough-ness, everything gets better.

Do you relate to the business FOMO conversation?  I invite you to “out” yourself in my private Facebook group, Full Time Fabulous, and tag me.