Monthly Archives: October 2018

True, integrated authenticity is magnetic as f*ck.

When we are in the presence of a human being who loves and embraces his/her/their uniqueness…we want to be around them.

Depending on how much conditioning we received (indirectly or directly) as a kid, we have contorted ourselves to fit whatever was deemed “good” by our caregivers/peers/society…and distanced ourselves from the “bad” parts.

Let’s say you saw someone being made fun of on the playground for studying “too much” and being a nerd…

You learned that in order to have love + acceptance you had to downplay your love of reading, for example.

Let’s say you are now building an online brand and wondering why your content keeps getting crickets…

Sure, it could have something to do with your skills or basic strategy (which are all highly fixable).

But most likely?

You are sharing a partial version of yourself (and hiding your inner nerd, using this example).

As a result, the volume dial on your natural magnetism has been turned down.

People can’t FEEL and FALL IN LOVE with you.

As a marketing coach, I LOVE to talk strategy, content, PR and social media. I find it endlessly fun.

But 80% of the work I do with clients?

Is healing the inner little girl that was told she couldn’t be the fullest expression of herself and be loved and safe in the world.

And when we do that?

The most ideal strategy becomes crystal clear, momentum builds, and inevitably success follows.