Are you a coach, healer or creative entrepreneur trading dollars for hours, hustling your buns off, and juuuuust making ends meet?

You’re brilliant at what you do, but real talk? Working exclusively 1 on 1 with your clients is burning you out…fast.  

You keep feeling like a course or group program would be an awesome addition to your business…  

You get that it would allow you to…  

* Serve more people *

* Make more money *

* Work fewer hours *

* Position yourself as an expert in your field *

* Create a funnel for people to flow into your higher end offers*  

But when it comes to getting started? You hit a wall.  

How do you figure out the right topic and organize everything you know into a curriculum?  

How do you know if you’re “ready” to create a course or group program?  

What if you put in a ton of work and nobody buys it?  

And all the technical bits and pieces? You get overwhelmed just thinking about it…  

So your put it off (for now).

Newsflash: Creating a digital course or group program is easier than you realize…and the longer you put it off, the more money you're leaving on the table! 

Introducing Bundle Your Brilliance... a 10 week course to help you create, launch, and run your very first course or group program! 

You will be taken through a proven step-by-step process that will help you...

Transform all of your scattered ideas into an organized + powerful curriculum that gets your clients results.  

Promote your course in a way that activates the F out of your people so they get the clear memo that the time is NOW to work with you.  

Create the kind of container that has clients RAVING about their experience with you to anyone who will listen (and wanting to continue to work with you again and again in future offers).  

Write a sales page + promo content that EXCITES something deep within your soulmate clients (even if you’re not a natural writer).  

Launch in a way that has potential clients and students exclaiming, "where have you BEEN all my life...and where can I sign up?!"  

Plug into a nourishing sisterhood of fellow entrepreneurs who can become collaborators, affiliate partners, team members and more!

"Before I began working with Rebecca, I was nervous and clueless about how to create, launch and market an online course.

I knew I had wisdom to share, but I was unsure about how to package it together and sell it…or if anyone would even buy it. I was also super unorganized. I had bits and pieces of content that I knew I wanted to use, but I always put off working on the course to tend to client work, social events, etc.

I think the most exciting part of this experience was when I opened the cart, went to sleep, and woke up to find sales coming in! Or the fact that I ended up having to close the cart early due to way too much demand (and we ended up closing the launch at $67K in sales on the first round – and I had only had my email list for 4 months prior to opening the cart.

It was exciting to see this whole other world of business opportunities open up before my eyes. I always thought I would just do freelance illustration until I died. And I would’ve been really happy with that I think. But I also realized that, while I’ve been lucky to have steady work for the past three years, freelance can be unpredictable and the market might not have such a demand for my work someday. 

It’s exciting to add a more sustainable source of income to my business!

Lauren Hom Illustrator, Author

Bundle Your Brilliance is broken out into 5 phases, that make up my signature S. P. E. L. L. Framework

(because what’s cooler than casting a spell on your soulmate clients that gets them the ultimate positive transformation, am I right?!)  

PHASE 1: Sweet Spot Offer  

Determine where a market need connects with your zone of genius, select your HOT idea, and come up with a name + tagline that captures the essence of your new offer.  

PHASE 2: Process Makes Perfect  

Distill your genius into a powerful signature curriculum. From there use my proven blueprint for creating a swoon-worthy sales page + mouthwatering modules. You’ll also get access to the exact technical process I use to make my courses “live” and host group coaching programs.  

PHASE 3: Engage Your Peeps  

Get your audience ready for your offer + build buzz through powerful pre-launch content that delivers mega value (and makes signing up for your offer a total no-brainer).  

PHASE 4: Launch with Love  

Announce your new baby out into the world through email + social media, have your ideal clients thinking, “wow, she’s everywhere” and get your soulmate clients enrolled.  

PHASE 5: Lead like a Queen  

Deliver your offer powerfully and give your clients a life-altering and supremely positive experience (so they come back again and again for future offers) - while establishing crystal clear boundaries and expectations - from the get-go.  

BONUSES (these drop over the course of the program)  

**A guided meditation to give you that sparkly “launch confidence” (you KNOW what I’m talking about) and help you energetically connect with the people who need your offer the most.  

Investment Details

Lifetime access to all modules (delivered once per week for the duration of the course)  

4 group coaching calls where you can get your questions answered (starting Wednesday November 14th from noon to 2pm EST)  

Peer support Facebook group  

$397 (or 4 bi-weekly payments of $149.25)

Yes Count Me In! 
Payment Plan

"Rebecca has this uncanny way of taking my swirling, scattered thoughts and ideas and funneling them into crystal clarity in what feels like one brief, magical waive of her marketing wand.

I have a unique and very deep message, and the marketing guidance I’ve received in the past was simply trying to fit me into someone else’s box. And that didn’t work for me. Rebecca FEELS into who you are as an entrepreneur and pulls from her vast knowledge and experience to help you find the direction and language that works for YOU.  

Having her support as I was launching my first group coaching program, Goddess Army, was invaluable — not only from a marketing perspective, but from an emotional and energetic perspective, as well, and I was able to fill it with 11 amazing women.

What I was expecting from our work together was powerful marketing guidance to clarify my new offering. What I wasn’t expecting, but which it turned out I was hungry for, was feeling authentically seen and emotionally supported as I was preparing to step into a bigger expression of myself, holding space for a large group of women, and shedding outdated ideas of ‘smallness.’

Heather Bruce Alison Love Coach  


Who is Bundle Your Brilliance for?

Anyone with the desire to sell an online course or run a group program! This course is ideally suited to coaches, healers, designers, creatives, bloggers, YouTubers, writers, and consultants. But truly - if you have an area of expertise, a desire to help people, and an internet connection? you can create a course or group program!  

If I’m a new coach/business owner/freelancer with a small (or non-existent) online audience, is this program for me?

YES! It’s never too soon to transform your expertise into a signature curriculum, and having an online course will 100% help you sign 1 on 1 clients (or attract more freelance work). Having a digital course or group program positions you as more of an expert (hello, signature process and framework!) and also is an amazing bonus to add to your existing suite of services. You will also receive juicy info on how to build buzz for your offer that translates into any other offers you are selling.  

I’m a seasoned coach/business owner with a large online audience…will this course be too “basic”?  

Absolutely not. I have supported several multi-6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs through the course creation process (with killer results). The clearer you are about what you do and who you do it for (and the more confidence you have), the better your results will be!  

I already have a course or group program but it’s not selling…will Bundle Your Brilliance help?

Absolutely! If your existing offer is getting crickets it’s due to one of 4 areas needing a boost: Your offer, your messaging, your audience or your mindset. We address all 4 in this course so you can diagnose what’s not working and make tweaks that will allow you to get your work into the hands of people who need it most (and get paid well doing it)!  

I’m not tech savvy…like, really really not tech savvy, is this course for me?

If you can write an email, you can complete this course! I will walk you step by step through every tech piece necessary to set up your course AND give you everything you need to outsource pieces of the set up process if that feels better to you.  

I’m already SO busy running my business…how much of my time will this course require?

This will somewhat depend on the length of your course (a 4 module course will be much faster than a course that runs over the span of 6 months, for example). I recommend 5 hours per “phase” (this course is broken out into 5 phases). ALSO, remember that sometimes we have to slow down in order to speed up. So it may make sense to scale back your existing workload a bit to make time to create this course which will in turn provide SO much freedom for you down the road. If you’re always “too busy” working IN your business to work ON your business (through creating new offers and marketing) you will not be able to grow and scale.  

What I do promise is that this course contains no extra “fluff.” It’s designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind and will hands down cut down on the time it would take to go through this process alone.  

Besides the price of this course, will I have to spend additional money?

It honestly depends how “pro” you want to go. It is possible to create, sell and deliver an entire course with ZERO cost (minus any fee your payment processor (such as Paypal) takes, usually around 3% per sale). I will be giving options that you can tweak depending on your budget. My advice is to start where you are and then optimize as you go (taking a portion of what your course earns and investing it back to make it even better)!  

How much 1-on-1 access do we get to you, Rebecca?

That depends on what level of access you choose!  

The standard level (which includes access to all course materials + 4 live group coaching calls) will include at least 1 20 minute hotseat during group calls, but the VIP level includes 5 30 min private sessions with me (1 for each “phases”) that can be used for a full year after your purchase.  

Is there a Facebook group?

Yes! There is a peer support Facebook group for people who purchase this program to support one another, offer best practices, etc. I will keep a loose eye on the group as I love to give all of my students love and encouragement. I’m also always looking to optimize my courses so there will (very likely) be additional bonuses added based on student questions.  

Do you guarantee my course will sell?

No. What I am offering is a proven process that I and many of my clients have used to yield phenomenal results. Your own results will depend on a mixture of your belief in this process + your own ability as well as the effort you put into this module. Here’s what I do know: We live in a Universe that WANTS us to fulfill our desires. If you have a desire to serve more people through your life changing work, it is absolutely possible for you and I would LOVE to support you along the journey.  

Do you offer refunds?

No, I do not. All sales are final.

"Since we started coaching I had my best month ever in biz and am selling a crazy new offering via Facebook posts only - aka it can be fun and easy!

Before working with Rebecca, money was feeling hard to make, elusive, something I hadn’t seen much of in my biz, and def not consistently. I wasn’t excited about how I was bringing it in.  

Since we started coaching I had my best month ever in biz and am selling a crazy new amazing offering via fb posts only. Aka it can be fun and easy and work!  

Rebecca helped me heal some deep shit I’ve been stuck on for years. She also just holds the tightest container in her group programs and gives people permission to show up exactly where they’re at and create this beautiful experience where we all grow leaps and bounds each call by learning from one another.  

If you’re thinking about working with Rebecca, just fucking do it. Want money? Want it to feel fun and easy finally? Want people to message you daily saying they never skip a post and get on a sales call and immediately ask what’s the soonest date they can start? Hire her!”  

-Julia Wells Marketing Coach

Truth be told, I have been sitting on launching this program...  

....for over 3 years.  

Literally since I launched my very first group program, Marketing Mastery, in February 2015 and was like...  

HOLY SHIT...this is the BEST feeling ever.  

Something *magical* that happens when you swirl a piece of your soul into a transformational process/curriculum...  

...and then walk a group of your soulmate clients through that experience.  

It' powerful.  

Leading these group initiations over the years has been one of the deepest honors/most profoundly joyful experiences OF MY LIFE.  

Since that original group program (which had 4 members each paying $500) I have led...  

4 rounds of Marketing Mastery  

3 rounds of Content Queen  

2 rounds of Publicity School  

2 rounds of Worthy Now  

2 6+ day in person tropical retreats  

2 rounds of my high level Mastermind  

2 digital-only courses (Overlooked to Fully Booked and Content Queen Digital).  

I have created a business that brought in 6 figures in the first 6 months of 2018 alone!

I have also helped DOZENS of clients *successfully* create + launch + lead powerful group programs and courses.  

I have the highest "re-enroll" rate of ANY coach I know (ie. people regularly stay in my group programs for years, going from one to the next)  

People regularly market my group programs and courses FOR ME (reaching out wondering how they can be an affiliate/talking about their transformation and the value they've received all over the interwebs.  

My clients find coaches, clients, best friends, affiliates and collaborators within the programs.  

And SO much more. 

Are you feeling the pull to join us but have a few more questions about the course before you sign up? Email!