Is not being a "good writer" holding you back in your business?

Whether it’s creating copy for your website, reaching out to a potential client to offer a discovery call or sample session, pitching yourself as a speaker, or applying to be a contributor for your favorite publication, finding juuuuuust the right words (and quickly!) can make all the difference when it comes to growing your business (and getting paid well to do your soul's work in the world). 

But what if you struggle with writer's block or feel tougue tied when it comes to describing what you do to potential clients, media gatekeepers, or even friends and family?

Are you doomed when it comes to marketing?

Hellllzz no!

Because darling, you don't have to reinvent the wheel! Just as you would use a recipe to cook a delicious new meal, you can use fill-in-the-blank scripts to take the heavy lifting out of the writing you need to do to promote your business (while still expressing yourself in a way that is totally authentic and sounds like YOU).

My name is Rebecca Rubin and I'm a marketing + mindset coach for entrepreneurs (just think of me as your own personal Julia Child when it comes to writing in a way that leads to increased visibility and money in the bank)! I've used these "recipes" time and time again with awesome results. To quote a former client they are "worth their weight in glitter!"

These scripts represent 8+ years of online marketing and PR expertise and 3.5 years of growing my own successful coaching business (selling out my 1 on 1 practice, launching 3 successful group programs getting featured in top podcasts and media outlets like Entrepreneur, NBC, CBS News and The Huffington Post) into one must-have curriculum with THE BEST infomation I know to take you from OVERLOOKED TO FULLY BOOKED!


What's included?

When You Purchase Overlooked to Fully-Booked, You'll Receive The Following Scripts + Training Videos...

1. Job Titles that Help You Stand Out to Potential Clients
Not sure what to call yourself now that you own your own biz? Feel like “life coach” is a little vanilla...or sounds just like everybody else out there? I feel ya! So I’ve created a lil' list of 55+ "job titles" (plus a super cool mad-libs-style formula) to make you unforgettable. 

2. Taglines that Get You Known Online
These fill-in-the-blank style sentences are designed to help you craft a zingy + memorable one-liner that captures the essence of your biz + makes you IRRESISTABLE to ideal clients.

3. A Personal Introduction That Has Potential Clients Asking “How Can I Work With You?”
This script will walk you step by step to creating an enticing personal introduction that will pique your ideal client’s interest and leave him or her begging for you can never again feel tounge-tied when someone asks, "So, what do you do for a living?".  

4. Website About Page That Your Ideal Clients Deeply Connect To--So They Realize YOU Are The Coach For Them
Whether you have no freaking clue where to start or already have an about page you like (but want to give it that little something “extra”), this script has you covered.

5. Sizzling Sales Page Script That Primes Potential Clients to Buy Before They Even Get on the Phone for a discovery call
Want website copy that addresses potential client’s objections (before they even think of them) and primes them to make a purchase before they even get on the phone with you?  This script has got you covered!

6. Script to Get Tons of Powerful Testimonials for Your Website...Even if You’re a Brand New Coach
Need testimonials (especially for that sizzling sales page you’ve created) but aren’t sure how to ask for them?  And how to ensure they’re GOOD (ie. relatable and results-focused?).  This email script to send to past clients and people you’ve helped is golden (and EXACTLY what I use again and again).    

7. Script to Turn an Acquaintance Into a Potential Client (and Book Discovery Calls Like Hot Cakes!)
Ever had a gut feeling that an acquaintance of yours would make an ideal coaching client but had no freaking clue how to approach him/her about it?  This script will make reaching out feel totally natural (and lead to WAY more discovery calls).

8. Simple Script to Launch Your Biz To Friends and Family
Before you have a snazzy online presence or sizable email list, one of the primary ways that new clients will come to you is through your existing network of friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances—so it’s important that these people know what you’re up to!  This simple script will help you announce your business on Facebook and via email to your existing network!

9. Pitch and Get Booked Speaking
Ever wanted to pitch a workshop to a conference, yoga studio, women's group or other organization that targets your ideal clients (but is not a direct competitor) but struggled to find the right words (so you put off reaching out)? No more! This script will have you landing plum speaking gigs that position you as a go-to expert in your industry.

10. Get Featured in the Media and Experience PR Magic, Even as a New Coach
Writing a personalized pitch letter that is customized to a particular publication is typically the fastest + most effective way to get a guest posting opportunity (which can help get your work in front of new peeps and catapult your brand’s credibility + visibility to the next level).  If that’s your goal, this script has got you covered (it’s the EXACT script I used to become a contributor for!

11. Bonus: Host Discovery Calls that End in "Yes!"

Do you dread discovery calls with potential clients and struggle to overcome common objections like “I’d love to but I can’t afford it”, “I’m too busy” or “Let me ask my husband and get back to you.”?  This script is EXACTLY what I use to have a 90%+ close rate on discovery calls and regular 5-figure months in business!    

And the best part?

The whole shebang can be yours for just $ 197

What people are saying....

"Your sales page script was so helpful when I was first creating my website. I had no idea where to start and was looking at a bunch of different coaches and just doing what they did. It felt contrived and unoriginal. I really had no idea what I was doing and needed help.
This script gave me a great framework to start creating my sales page so I could get my website live. Once I started working more and writing more, I was able to inject more of my personality and my voice into my pages. I love my website now. The script is so helpful for DIY'ers like me!
-Shannon Whaley
Life + Marketing Coach

I used to find marketing and sales to be incredibly scary and paralyzing.  It just wasn’t something that came naturally to me and these scripts have helped so much (I would literally have no website content without them).  The fact that I’m now getting paid to be me is SO cool!  Seriously, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get to this point on my own.  Thank you!!” 
-Angela Travers 
Intuitive Coach, Essential Oil Specialist

“I finally announced my energy healing services on social media using your launch script, and within 5 mins of doing so, I had a call with a potential client. And just 24 hour later I was hired!  Just  a few months later I’m proud to say I have my own radio show, am an expert panel writer for YourTango and have launched my first group program!”
-Amy Stahler
Energy Healer, Intuitive and Reiki Practitioner

Your discovery call script has helped me gain SO much confidence in my sales conversations...which has led to 3 new clients this month! 
-Sabrina Colella 
Marketing Coach

“Love these scripts!! All my website content is done (in a fraction of the time it would have taken me on my own) and my confidence is at an all-time high
 -Alison Graddock
Athletic Performance Coach

"Yay!! Win! Win! Win! I just sent my FIRST email to someone who I thought might be a good fit for a discovery call using Rebecca's script and she answered in under 60 seconds yes!!!"
-Shira Etzion
Intuitive Healer

When it comes to capturing your essence in an engaging and super fun way that really gets people saying YES, Rebecca is your woman!” -Amanda Sowadski
Women’s Leadership Coach

I'm re-doing my website and am planning on using all these scripts! I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU PUT OUT!!!!”
-Kelly Atwood
Sales Coach

Rebecca takes what seems like an insurmountable, monolithic task and breaks marketing into digestible, actionable, and fun items that create an online presence that is truly reflective of the client’s goals. Her copywriting is worth it’s weight in glitter!”
-Caroline Carr Gould
Personal Branding Consultant

"OMG! I just became a contributor for Mind Body Green using the pitch we worked on together!"
-Michelle Langdon
Body Love + Women's Empowerment Coach

"My pitch just got a response from the editors at Oprah Magazine--they want me to come in for an in-person meeting! So excited!!!"
-Jessica Brodkin
Comedian + Energy Healer