When it comes to getting publicity for your coaching or healing business, where do you even start?

Does it seem like you’re just inching forward when it comes to online exposure…while other people in your industry seem to leap ahead (getting featured in big-name publications and interviewed on podcasts like it aint no thang)?

You're not quite sure how they're doing it and quite honestly, you're not even sure if media attention your #1 priority now...

....but ultimately you KNOW you’re meant to attract a BIG audience with your message...and you want to start planting the seeds for that now...

Hi, I’m Rebecca Rubin, and I get it.

As an feel-good marketing coach with a knack for PR, I’m a big believer in the power of publicity (specifically in the form of guest posting for online publications and doing podcast interviews) to move your online service-based business forward, build credibility and get in front of new audiences that you wouldn't otherwise have been able to reach.

I also know/have seen first-hand that publicity builds on it'self - one guest blog or podcast interview leads to the next, and pretty soon it snowballs and you've made the transition from "service provider" to "known thought leader" in the eyes of your potential clients.

And even if your not planning on sitting on Oprah's coach tomorrow, trust me, it will pay off to start learning more about this area of business NOW.

 The good news?

You actually don’t have to have already been in business for years, have a major following, or tons of connections to get the PR process started.  

I literally landed a spot as a contributor for Entrepreneur.com from 1 email I wrote in 15 minutes BEFORE I had a single paid client.  

Since then I've written for Business Insider, Elite Daily (one of my articles for them has been shared over 6K times), Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, YFS Magazine, NBC News, Divine Living Magazine, The Numinous, Rebelle Society, BossBabe, Business2Community, the list goes on.

My business has been featured in The Guardian, Thrive Global (Arianna Huffington's new media platform), and on countless podcasts.

Clients of mine have have written for/been featured in Time, Mind Body Green, The Huffington Post, The Numinous, The New York Post, Elephant Journal, and many more.

If you’re ready to start attracting media attention that leads to clients and being seen as an industry thought-leader, I invite you to join me for this 6 week online class starting Monday 3/25 - cart closes at 11:59pm EST on Friday 3/22.

What's included?

The Publicity School curriculum is comprised of 6 lessons ...

Lesson 1 - Develop a PR-friendly mindset + identify what makes YOU newsworthy (*cough* totally irresistable) to media gatekeepers.

Identify the BIG inner blocks that keep most coaches out of the spotlight + tap into the deeper purpose behind your publicity goals (because it's not just Kardashian-style fame you're after, you desire a REAL impact...and The Universe fully supports this)!

Lesson 2 - Identify the top places for you to be featured/interviewed to attract your ideal clients .
I'll teach you my exact process for creating a media avatar for your ideal clients so you can identify what thye're talking about and where they're hanging out on (and off!)line. I’ll also give my list of the top 20 publications for coaches, healers and other experts in the “live your best life” space (and how to contact them...because it isn’t always obvious or easy)!  Lastly I’ll teach you how to determine the right publication for YOUR work--because not all outlets are created equal and bigger is NOT necessarily better.

Lesson 3 - Write a pitch letter that's hard to say "no" to
I'll walk you through my simple step-by-step process for teasing out story angles and hooks and coming up with zingy headlines that stand out to editors + podcasters among a sea of other pitches plus how & when to follow up if you don't hear back right away.

Lesson 4 - Make the most of your "big break" and write articles that lead to clients
 I’ll share my 5 biggest tips for creating a stand-out article (the kind people can’t help but save for reference and pass along to their bestie).  I’ll also reveal an editing cheat sheet that makes any piece of writing “pop” and my favorite way to get over writing block.  The goal?  For you to never again be staring at a blinking cursor and blank screen wondering what the F to write about.

Lesson 5 - How to nail your podcast interview and attract brand new followers who are hungry for more.
I’ll share the EXACT questions I ask myself before every interview I do to prepare and identify my core soundbytes.  I’ll also give you my biggest tips for calming pre-interview jitters, navigating tough questions, and how to make the most of every second of air time.

Lesson 6 - Learn to leverage your exposure to hit the business goals that matter.
We'll cover how to make the most of media opportunities when you get them and turn media attention into leads, clients, and cold-hard cash.

BONUS TRAINING: How to get interviewed on TV and get your message to millions with former NBC reporter, Ellie Brett (Ellie's first business got onto the daily show within 1 month of launching)!

The whole shebang can be yours for just $497 (payment plans available)

What people are saying....

"OMG! I just became a contributor for Mind Body Green using the pitch we worked on together!"
-Michelle Langdon
Body Love, Intuitive Eating & Women's Empowerment Coach

"My pitch just got a response from the editors at Oprah Magazine--they want me to come in for an in-person meeting! So excited!!!"
-Jessica Brodkin
Comedian + Energy Healer

"In our sessions together, Rebecca helped me gain the confidence and the belief in myself that I could get my writing published. I was already blogging and submitting articles but it gave me that extra push I needed to go for The Huffington Post - and now I'm a contirbutor!"
-Shannon Whaley
Marketing Coach

"Rebecca is a marketing and PR angel. She somehow wiggles her way inside your head, draws out the words, concepts and ideas you've been struggling to formulate and sprinkes your newly refined message all over the web. As a coach I recommend her to all my clients looking to dive deeper into their online marketing presence and expand their brand in new ways"
-Katie Depaola
Founder, Inner Glow Circle

"Rebecca has this uncanny way of taking my swirling, scattered thoughts an ideas and funneling them into crystal clarity in what feels like one brief wave of her magical marketing want. Her support and feedback has been super helpful when submitting my writing to publications"
-Heather Bruce Alison
Love Coach

Working with Rebecca has been THE major shift in my using my voice and OWNING it - and in a way that feels good. I think the women who could benefit from working with Rebecca most are those who have started working on their coaching businesses but really need to step into who THEY are as a coach and figure out how to get their message out into the world.
-Alexis Bethel
Life Coach & Yoga Studio Owner


1. What are the EXACT times of the classes?
The 6 classes will take place every other week on Mondays from 12-2pm Eastern starting Monday 4/1.

2. Will I get 1-on-1 feedback from you, Rebecca?
Yes. There will be built-in time for you to ask my questions and for me to offer feedback and coaching on the exercises. That said, this is a group course so you I will not be writing your pitches for you and it is not the same as hiring me 1-on-1. You will also get access to the recordings and handouts afterwards.

3. How many other people will be in this group?
This class will be capped 40 people so that EVERYONE has plenty of time for feedback and can get their individual questions answered.

4. Am I guarunteed to get publicity if I sign up for this program?
No. There are obviously many factors that predict the exact results you will get. What I can say is that you will leave with a clear idea about what the media is looking for, direct feedback from me on your best story angles and hooks, and a solid (and tested) plan that has worked for me and MANY of my clients to consistently write for publications and get interviewed on podcasts.


Sign up now!