The idea that money is stressful - or that it will take hard work/sacrifice to hit your next level in income - is not truth.

Money can actually flow to you large fucking. clockwork.

Money can be your friend.

Your ally.

Your partner in crime.

It can show up for you consistently.

You don’t have to do anything to be deserving of it and you always have access to more.  



Introducing Worthy Now...

A 10-week course that will use your current financial situation as a mirror for the healing work that’s up next for you, as well as a catalyst for personal and financial growth.

Classes will be held on Wednesdays from noon - 1:30pm EST via livestream in our private Worthy Now Facebook Group starting Wednesday Jully 18th (Enrollment closes Friday July 13th).  


Module 1 - What’s up right now with you and money?

In our first week I'll guide you through a powerful vizualization that will illuminate what's currently going on in your relationship with money (on both a conscious and subconscious level), you'll begin to tap into the energy of your future abundant self, and set intentions for our time together.

Module 2 - Exploring + shifting early programming around money

Next you'll reconnect with your inner child and re-visit early money that you can understand what you took on as “truth” in a deep, embodied and visceral level - a major step in the healing process.  You’ll also tap into your greater family lineage as it relates to money, so you can release generations of trauma and outdated programming that no longer serves you.  Lastly we'll exlore how your core wounds/limiting energetic patterns are showing up in the realm of money NOW.

Module 3 - Telling new stories about money and releasing lower frequencies

3 of the biggest blocks toward your earning power are shame, guilt, and resentment around money.  When part of your identity contains stories about money that hold these frequencies, you block yourself from earning more.  In this module I'll share my favortie exercise for creating new stories around money that serve you + locking into a new paradigm.  You'll start to find radical self-acceptance and yes, even enjoyment around money and build momentum around your finances.

Module 4 - Becoming impeccible + Intimate with Your Money

Just as it’s hard to prepare a gourmet meal in a messy kitchen or assemble a fabulous outfit in a scattered closet, building a thriving online business is infinitely more challenging when you lack clarity around your money.  In this module we'll call in the sacred masculine and get a CRYSTAL clear picture of your financial health.  Because this process can be *highly* activating I'll provide energetic tools for moving past resistance + finind flow around money management.

If engaging with your money currently feels boring, dry, stressful, or overwhelming, this is going to be a game-changer for you because I'll also show you how turn money management into a ritual you look forward to and infuse your financial life with MAGIC.  I’ll share my favorite witchy practices to add a dose of fun + spirit into managing your money so it stops being something you avoid and starts to become a deeply nourishing, fun, and even erotic practice - because when you start ENJOYING your money more can’t help but flow your way.

Module 5 - Money is the root of all evil...or is it? ;)

This week we will tap into THE DARK SIDE of earning more...DUN DUN  Here’s the deal:
Our unconscious minds are often running the show when it comes to manifesting...and for this reason, examining the shadow “stuff” that may be blocking more money from coming into your experience is **wildly** helpful.  I'll guide you to uncover what’s REALLY stopping you from making the money you want to make or moving into your next level (Hint: it’s probably not what you think it is).  Together we’ll explore any secret agreements and limiting beliefs you have around earning more--and I'll share powerful energy healing tools to help you begin to shift.

Module 6 - Are you comfortable being Queen?

To call in and hold more money than you currently have, your identity and the way you see yourself will likely shift...
On the surface you may be all, "woohoo bring it on!" but underneath that, there may be some mixed feelings, specifically around stepping into the role of QUEEN in your life and business.
This week's module will help you to explore your relationship with women in POWER and what's standing between you and BECOMING a woman in power.

Module 7: Perspective, generosity, and "holy-fuck!" gratitude

Did you know that 75% of the planet lives on $2.50/day?  How does that make you feel?
Blessed? Guilty? Humbled? Activated? Something else?  This week we'll tap into the energy of gratitude and connect you with your inner philanthropist - helping you connect the dots on a deep embodied level between having a lot of money and making a massive positive impact on the world.

Module 8 -  Feel-Good Marketing 

Unhook your ability to promote your services with having to be “perfect” and “happy” all the time (you are allowed to be a human being AND a high earner) and learn how to stop making “launching” such a big deal and instead experience it as a natural extension of your lifestyle.  We will tap into your authentic style of marketing and make marketing part of your lifestyle rather than another item on your to do list.

Module 9 - Soulful Sales

This week I'll also help you to own the true value of the work you do and come into alignment with the rates you charge. You'll also be guided to connect energetically to your soulmate clients so that discovery calls + hitting your launch goals happens with ease and flow.

Module 10 - Break Up With “Reality” (and Create Your Own)

In this lesson we'll explore your hidden hangups + doubts about “the way the world works” and what you believe about manifesting.  You'll be guided to consciously clarify and declare YOUR truth around money so you can get into a space of integrity and positive expectation around your finances.  
 I'll walk you through a step by step process of getting yourself READY - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically for exactly that so that you can collapse time and manifest your money desires at an ACCELERATED speed.

BONUS: Overlooked to Fully Booked
11 must-have scripts plus training videos for new coaches who want to get their first paid clients (like, yesterday!) and create a stand-out online presence.

**NOTE** this is a rough outline rather than an exact description of what will be covered in each session.  Every week I will tune into the energy of the group + customize the calls to what is most alive in the collective + leave room for Q&A.  This is meant to serve as a general overview of the topics we will cover rather than and EXACT curriculum.


Satndard: $497

VIP: $997

(The VIP upgrade option includes 2 30 minute coaching sessions with me to more deeply integrate the material.  Sessions can be used for a full 12 months after the start date of the program)


What people are saying...

"Having Rebecca’s support as I was launching my first group coaching program, Goddess Army, was invaluable — not only from a marketing perspective, but from an emotional and energetic perspective, as well.
What I was expecting when I hired her was powerful marketing guidance to clarify my new offering. What I wasn’t expecting, but which it turned out I was hungry for, was feeling authentically seen and emotionally supported as I was preparing to step into a bigger expression of myself, holding space for a large group of women, and shedding outdated ideas of ‘smallness.’"

-Heather Bruce Allison


"Before working with Rebecca, money was feeling hard to make, elusive, something I hadn't seen much of in my biz, and def not consistently. I wasn't excited about how I was bringing it in.

Since we started coaching I had my best month ever in biz and am selling a crazy new amazing offering via fb posts only.  Aka it can be fun and easy and work!

Rebecca helped me heal some deep shit I've been stuck on for years. She also just holds the tightest container in her group programs and gives people permission to show up exactly where they're at and create this beautiful experience where we all grow leaps and bounds each call by learning from one another.

If you’re thinking about working with Rebecca, just fucking do it. Want money? Want it to feel fun and easy finally? Want people to message you daily saying they never skip a post and get on a sales call and immediately ask what's the soonest date they can start?  Hire her!"

-Julia Wells


“I thought I had done a lot of mindset work around money before I started coaching with Rebecca... but she blew me away. 

We got right to the core of what was holding me back in my business so I could break through my bullshit beliefs.

Rebecca gives you the perfect amount of crazy belief combined with validation & support when needed, so you become the woman you're meant to become.

If you are reading this now, you've gotten to know Rebecca and are feeling called to work with her for a reason. Worried it's not gonna be worth it, worried it can't work out for you, worried it's going to be hard? You have NOTHING to worry about. 

Rebecca's got your back, will set fire to your heart, and will release the heavy shackles on your ankles so you freely skip down your path of success and money - in the way you dream about right now. 

Too much? I beg to differ... Rebecca's the best!”

-Deanne Vincent

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