Hi! I’m Rebecca, a feel-good marketing coach for women entrepreneurs.

I help my clients to…

  • Fill up their 1-on-1 coaching practices with ideal clients, allowing them to quickly transition from the 9-to-5 grind/boring bridge job to running their own coaching businesses full-time.
  • Launch successful group programs and digital products.
  • Find the perfect words to describe what they do on their websites, so their in-person awesomeness translates online (and they can say “buh-bye” to boring bios, forgettable free offers, and snooze-worthy sales pages and “hello” intoxicating content that has your ideal clients wondering, “Where do I sign up?”)!
  • Set up a powerful marketing funnels that prime potential clients to buy while they sleep and get thousands of hot leads on their email lists.
  • Overcome writer’s block + tap into their authentic voice so they can share wildly valuable content on social media, e-newsletters and blog posts—generating buzz about their business and causing ideal clients to flock to them.
  • Get featured in top publications like Entrepreneur, Mind Body Green, the Huffington Post and many more, allowing them to build brand prestige and become seen as the go-to thought leader in their fields.

Why am I qualified to do this work?

I’m also committed to continuing to grow my knowledge and have completed many of the top marketing/personal growth trainings out there, including…

  • Gina Devee’s Sales Superstar, Wow Factor, and Miraculous Wealth Facebook Advertising courses
  • The 90-Day Year with Todd Herman
  • Magik School with Jody England
  • The Blogcademy with Gala Darling
  • Alex Franzen’s 2-day workshop, Write Yourself Into Motion
  • Tranquil Space Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training
  • Kimberly Wilson’s Women’s Creativity Circle, Navigating Anxiety Circle, Writer’s Workshops, Multiple Creativity + Yoga Retreats
  • Ellie Brett’s 3-day Media Training + Captivate course
  • Hilary Rushford’s Instagram with Intention course
  • Unlock The Power of Pinterest by Melanie Duncan
  • 1-on-1 coaching with Adrienne Dorison, Jessica Caver Lindholm, Melissa Pharr, Ellie Brett, Sara Armor, Dana Regan and Ginny Muir Johnson


Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 11.34.37 PM

  • I spent 2016 living in 12 countries over the course of 12 months!
  • I was once realllllly shy and now my life’s work is coaching women to be more visible!
  • I’ve flown on a trapeze
  • I started my middle school newspaper, The School Scribble.  To my knowledge it still exists today!
  • I learned to Tango dance in Uruguay
  • I walked across hot coals (and yeah, it kind of hurt)
  • I once spent 4 days in silent meditation at a buddhist ashram.
  • I participated in a sweat lodge in Sedona
  • I am a trained yoga teacher
  • I taught dance to little kids in a township in South Africa for 7 months…and loved every second!
  • I’ve been to the top of Matchu Piccu.
  • I founded my high school’s Psychology Club (which included eating cookies, taking personality tests and talking about Freud…some things never change!)
  • I’ve surfed in Costa Rica…and can’t wait to go back
  • I’m a Pisces and an ENFP
  • I have a SIZABLE self-help book collection that began when I started reading books by Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay in middle school (I’m not even kidding…)
  • I am completely obsessed with all things pink and sparkly (ya know, in case this site didn’t give it away…)