Are you ready to hit consistent $10k months in your coaching or healing business?

NOW is your time…

The Feel Good Marketing Mastermind is designed for the coach, healer, or online service provider who has been seeing movement in her business…and knows it’s time to put her foot on the gas when it comes to marketing and start CONSISTENTLY hitting $10k+ months…

The one caveat?

It has to FEEL good….like, really really good.

Here’s the truth: If you have a desire to create a 6 figure business in a way that FEELS GOOD…it’s meant for you.

And healing your relationship with how you promote your soul’s work in the world (aka: marketing) is a critical part of this process…

My name is Rebecca Rubin and I’m a feel-good marketing coach for spiritual entrepreneurs…

I help my clients to…

  • Turn their personal transformation journey + unique soul gifts into compelling online brands that their soulmate clients LOVE to follow (and buy from again and again).
  • Scale their coaching or healing businesses to 6 figures a year in revenue (and beyond).
  • Write heartfelt, deeply moving content that cuts through the noise and gets liked and shared all over the internet.
  • Land (and leverage) PR opportunities that have the potential to skyrocket their influence and earning power (I am very, very gifted in this area).
  • Bundle their brilliance, distilling their gifts + expertise into a signature curriculum, branded framework, book, digital course or group program.
  • Master launching – filling up + running online courses, group programs, and in-person retreats.
  • Develop deep trust in their own inner voice and internal guidance system and experience WAY more joy, pleasure and FUN in they day to day life.
  • Create a rock-solid business foundation of systems, structures, and team so they can spend their time in their zone of genius and have a full, joyful life outside of their business (buh-bye burnout and being glued to your laptop 24/7).

The Feel-Good Marketing Mastermind includes…

>>weekly 2 hour group coaching calls, 3 15 min hot-seats with Rebecca per month guaranteed.  If we don’t get to your hot seat and and you showed up live you get a 1 on 1 coaching session with me.

>Access to my courses Overlooked to Fully BookedContent Queen when you sign up.

>>Access to my digital courses as they roll out over the course of the yearPublicity School (write for big-name publications + podcasts), Worthy Now (unblock + heal anything in the way of you becoming a money magnet), Bundle Your Brilliance (create & launch group programs + digital courses), and SOULd Out (learn to sell powerfully as a sensitive, spiritual, and high integrity woman…coming in Fall 2019).

>A peer support Facebook group where you can get brainstorm ideas + share allllll the things between calls with the other women in the mastermind.


6 months = $997/month for 6 months (or $5,500 pay in full)

**If you are an alum message me for a special coupon code)

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Before I began working with Rebecca, I was nervous and clue
less about how to create, launch and market an online course.

I knew I had wisdom to share, but I was unsure about how to package it together and sell it…or if anyone would even buy it. I was also super unorganized. I had bits and pieces of content that I knew I wanted to use, but I always put off working on the course to tend to client work, social events, etc.

I think the most exciting part of this experience was when I opened the cart, went to sleep, and woke up to find sales coming in! Or the fact that I ended up having to close the cart early due to way too much demand (and we ended up closing the launch at $67K in sales on the first round – and I had only had my email list for 4 months prior to opening the cart.

It was exciting to see this whole other world of business opportunities open up before my eyes. I always thought I would just do freelance illustration until I died. And I would’ve been really happy with that I think. But I also realized that, while I’ve been lucky to have steady work for the past three years, freelance can be unpredictable and the market might not have such a demand for my work someday. It’s exciting to add a more sustainable source of income to my business!

Lauren Hom

Illustrator, Author

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“Rebecca has this uncanny way of taking my swirling, scattered thoughts and ideas and funneling them into crystal clarity in what feels like one brief, magical wave of her marketing wand

I have a unique and very deep message, and the marketing guidance I’ve received in the past was simply trying to fit me into someone else’s box. And that didn’t work for me. 

Rebecca FEELS into who you are as an entrepreneur and pulls from her vast knowledge and experience to help you find the direction and language that works for YOU.

Having her support as I was launching my first group coaching program, Goddess Army, was invaluable — not only from a marketing perspective, but from an emotional and energetic perspective, as well, and I was able to fill it with 11 amazing women.

What I was expecting from our work together was powerful marketing guidance to clarify my new offering. What I wasn’t expecting, but which it turned out I was hungry for, was feeling authentically seen and emotionally supported as I was preparing to step into a bigger expression of myself, holding space for a large group of women, and shedding outdated ideas of ‘smallness.’

Heather Bruce Alison
Love Coach

adrienne dorison

AHHHH!  This copy is so fucking good I want to kiss you.  And I sent the sales page to my OBM and she was like THIS IS THE BEST COPY YOU’VE EVER WRITTEN…I was like…I DIDN’T WRITE IT!

HAHA which is SOO good because she totally thought I did – you fooled her, nailed my voice and she knows me better than anyone.


Adrienne Dorison
Business Coach + Podcast Host

“Rebecca is a total marketing bombshell! ​

When she writes, her words greet you like
one of your best girlfriends, making you feel like you’ve just received a big juicy hug, laughed with abandon, gotten a dose of charming authenticity, and that you’re supported, delighted, and truly acknowledged. 

Amazingly, she’s also just like that in person… so working with her is an absolute blast. You can tell she loves what she does, and her enthusiasm pure joy in writing are positively contagious.

Ellie Brett
Media Coach

When I first started working with Rebecca I was all over the place. I wasn’t really feeling the niche I had picked out, didn’t have a solid offering, my messaging wasn’t clear. I just felt really scattered and unsure of what I was doing.

In our time together, I narrowed down my niche, created a 6 month 1:1 coaching program (and filled it with ideal clients),  did my first 5 day challenge to grow my list, dialed in my newsletter welcome funnel, and got my writing published in Elephant Journal and The Huffington Post!

LOOOOOOOOOVE ME some Rebecca Rubin. I would stand on a street corner with a sandwich sign to advertise this program if she asked me to.

Shannon Whaley
Marketing Coach

AlexisMy TOP takeaway from working with Rebecca is that marketing doesn’t have to feel icky. I now realize that marketing can feel amazing – once you find what type of marketing works for you and how to share your message authentically.

Rebecca has helped me to launch my new website with copy I love, build an amazing following for my blog and have clients consistently come to me to ask to work with me (largely in part to building trust through my blog/marketing).

Working with Rebecca has been THE major shift in me using my voice and OWNING it – and in a way that feels good. I think the women who could benefit from working with Rebecca most are those who have started working on their coaching businesses but really need to step into who THEY are as a coach and figure out how to get their message out into the world.”

Alexis Bethel
Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

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“It was fun, energetic and exciting to work with Rebecca. I found my authentic voice, honed my services and grew my community. My proudest achievement is my Ambitiously Abundant newsletter, that my readers LOVE! I’m always getting messages and mentions about how much they look forward to reading each edition. I’ve also boldly stepped into raising my prices for my coaching services and have gotten hired twice now at my new rate!

If you’re struggling to determine your niche and step into your message as a coach I would highly recommend working with Rebecca. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of her marketing tips, tricks and copy sparkle!”

Queirra Fenderson
Certified Life + Personal Branding Coach

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Katie“Working with Rebecca Rubin is like having a Marketing Angel on your shoulder 24/7. With her magic wand in hand, she somehow wiggles her way inside your head, draws out the words, concepts and ideas you’ve been struggling to formulate and sprinkles your newly refined message all over the web.

As a coach, I recommend her to all my clients looking to dive deeper into their online marketing presence and expand their brand in a new way. Say yes to working with Rebecca; you’ll be so happy you did!”

Katie DePaola
Founder, Inner Glow Circle

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Before I worked with Rebecca, I was in a ‘branding crisis’—I couldn’t figure out how to merge my professional identities as a life coach and a comedian.

Rebecca helped me get the exact clarity I was looking for. She intuitively saw how I wanted to be seen and understood my unique value.

I’d spent so much time and effort trying to “figure it out” and “do it right” that I didn’t recognize how powerful I was just by showing up fully as myself. I now feel much more confident, empowered, and aligned with my marketing and content creation, and am clear about what actions I need to take moving forward.

Sara Armor
Comedian and Creativity Coach

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“Coaching with Rebecca changed my life and the way I see and relate to my brand and business vision! Writing content is no longer an obstacle that throws me into worry + overwhelm. It actually feels good!  

Visibility also no longer scares me!!! In many ways, I have been hiding offline for 6 years in my coaching business  and leveraging the online world has totally scared me. I now feel equipped to do it differently, access a larger audience + share more… Content Queen popped my visibility cherry!

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“Rebecca’s encouragement and expertise was pivotal  in the launch of my branding firm.

She takes what seems like an insurmountable, monolithic task and breaks marketing into digestible, actionable, and fun items that create a presence that is truly reflective of the client’s goals.

Do not launch your small business or coaching practice without Rebecca Rubin and the Pursuit of Fabulous!  Her copywriting is worth it’s weight in glitter!”

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Sabrina ColellaBefore working with Rebecca I was completely crippled when it came to moving forward with my biz. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what next steps I should take.

Rebecca was always able to put my worries at ease, gave me the support I needed to feel like I could achieve anything with my business and helped me remove the mental clutter and blocks that were standing in my way of building momentum in my business.

Not only that, but Rebecca completely changed the way I viewed writing copy for my business. She inspired me to brainstorm ideas like crazy, to the point that I started getting inspiration from everything around me!  Creating content (the kind that leads to clients) has become something I look forward to rather than another task to check off my to-do list.

After working with Rebecca, my confidence soared to new heights. She elevated me to a new place of possibility and I felt there was nothing I couldn’t do.

Without a doubt, I would recommend anyone starting out as a new coach to work with Rebecca. She genuinely wants to see her clients do well and 100% puts her heart into everything she does. Her authenticity can genuinely be felt and it’s been a pleasure to work with such a smart, soul-centred human!”

Adore her to the core!

Here’s the truth:

Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you is not a “nice to have”…

…It’s a mother-loving must.

Running an online business can be lonely…but it doesn’t have to be.

The highs are higher and the lows are softer when you have a crew of power girls by your side.

If you’re ready to put your foot on the gas in your marketing in 2019…

And you want to do it in a way that FEELS really good/is aligned with YOUR unique blueprint…

And you want access to my brain + energy + inner circle + courses + copywriting skillz all year long…

…I would LOVE to invite you into the Feel Good Marketing Mastermind.

Click here to schedule a discovery call with me!