Love + Praise

I recently decided to launch my own nutrition consulting business, but was absolutely lost and overwhelmed on how to get started!

Thankfully, I discovered Rebecca! I completed a BRANDSTORM Session with her and she was able to help me turn my ideas into reality! Rebecca is EXTREMELY creative and an amazing writer. She was the perfect person to bounce ideas off of and with her help I left our call feeling confident and excited about my new business plan! Don’t hesitate to work with her for any of your business needs!

“Before I worked with Rebecca, I was in a ‘branding crisis’—I couldn’t figure out how to merge my professional identities as a life coach and a comedian.

Rebecca helped me get the exact clarity I was looking for.  She intuitively saw how I wanted to be seen and understood my unique value.  

I’d spent so much time and effort trying to “figure it out” and “do it right” that I didn’t recognize how powerful I was just by showing up fully as myself.  I now feel much more confident, empowered, and aligned with my marketing, and am clear about what actions I need to take moving forward.”

“Coaching with Rebecca changed my life and the way I see and relate to my brand and business vision! I am a more confident coach & entrepreneur because of the breakthroughs I made through working with her…

I now make daily appointments with my creative muse to come join me as I write from my soul

Writing content is no longer an obstacle that throws me into worry + overwhelm. It actually feels good!

VISIBILITY, no longer scares me!!! In many ways, I have been hiding offline for 6 years in my coaching business. Yes, I have built a thriving referral business offline… AND leveraging the online world has totally scared me. I am ready to do it differently, access a larger audience + share more… Content Queen popped my visibility cherry.

〰I am so clear about my next steps in my business

I am dedicated to my dharma and have connected with a sacred tribe of women who are deeply connected to their life’s work this lifetime {truly there is nothing more inspiring to me}

Thank you for all the love + lessons, Rebecca!

“When Rebecca and I began talking about my business and where it was, I started spewing off about how I am technologically challenged and how that is holding me back and blah blah. Rebecca was all — BULLSHIT. Totally called me out. And did it with absolute love and compassion.

That moment was a turning point for me. I decided that if technology was difficult, than that was even better reason for me to dig in and teach myself what I needed to learn. So…I have been home sick all day, on the couch with my computer, and successfully created a mailing list to go with my new FB business page, made some Canva designs, AND just recorded my very first client attraction audio training!  This may sound like no big deal to some, but I will tell you that this is a MAJOR victory for me. I am taking technology by the horns now and it feels GOOD. 

My biggest gain from working with Rebecca was learning to love myself through my marketing process, and allowing it to be a natural unfolding of who I am, resulting in greater authenticity and more connection with my ideal clients.  I have 3 new clients in a program that I love, that truly reflects my purpose and my gift.

“Whenever I have a coaching call, class, or friendly interaction with Rebecca Rubin my day is brightened.  Her encouragement and expertise was pivotal  in the launch of my branding firm.

She takes what seems like an insurmountable, monolithic task and breaks marketing into digestible, actionable, and fun items that create a presence that is truly reflective of the client’s goals.

Do not launch your small business or coaching practice without Rebecca Rubin and the Pursuit of Fabulous!”

“When I first started working with Rebecca I felt stuck in my business, uncomfortable with the sales process and unclear about my niche.  Whenever I got on the phone with a potential client, I felt insecure.  I dreamed of having a full coaching practice and leading sold-out workshops, but felt very overwhelmed with my ideas and didn’t know where to start.

Rebecca helped me get organized and create an action plan to move forward with ease and confidence in my business, and I’m now in a completely different place than I was a few months ago.  I just got hired three times in two weeks (!!!) and have a clear action plan for promoting my first two-day workshop, The Shine Summit.  Lastly, I’m clear that I’m not “just a health coach” but offer a holistic coaching experience for women who want to tap into their inner leader.

Thanks Rebecca!”

“Rebecca is an incredible combination of marketing consultant and coach. She is brilliant with copy sparkle, strategizing, motivation, and making work more fun AND profitable. Within two months of hiring Rebecca, I doubled my client base. These weren’t just any clients, either–they were clients that I felt inspired and excited to work with. Hiring this woman is an excellent idea.”

“Working with Rebecca has been awesome!  After just 3 months of coaching,  I made more progress on my business than I had in 2 years by myself!  All my website content was done, my confidence was at an all-time high and I was clear on the next steps needed for success.

She encouraged me, pushed me, supported me, challenged me and most importantly she helped me become the woman and entrepreneur that I am today! I cant wait to see what the future holds. What I know for sure is that working with Rebecca was the smartest decision I ever made for my business, which is why I have continued to work with her for almost a year now!”

My mindset has shifted drastically since working with Rebecca! Starting out, I was totally clueless about how to grow a coaching practice, but I knew that she would be the one to help me create something amazing. After just six weeks I’m feeling more confident, more creative, and VERY clear on what I have to offer & how to get that in front of my ideal clients. After an uplifting call with Rebecca last night, I woke up early today to get a jump on writing content for my website and a script for a video freebie to drop next week. HUGE win, because I am totally not a morning person.”

Rebecca Rubin changed my life. I would not have a business if it were not for Rebecca. I literally had no idea where to begin. I came from government and academia and had no clue how to navigate the world of profits. Watching Shark Tank was not enough, I needed a coach. Rebecca has the right combination of soft and hard skills. She understands marketing, copy, how to generate profits, etc. She also understands the softer side. She understands mental money blockages, the law of attraction, and how to heal emotional problems relating to life and business. Rebecca is the only coach you need. She is brilliant, high-vibration, and the type of person you want to have in your corner for life. She is worth every penny. I highly recommend her.


Before working with Rebecca I found marketing and sales to be incredibly scary and paralyzing.  It just wasn’t something that came naturally to me.  Rebecca’s support through my lack of confidence and yo-yo-ing about what I really wanted my business to look like over these past 6 months was invaluable.  She held the space of possibility open for me and supported and pushed me along 100%.
The fact that I’m now getting paid to be me is SO cool!  Seriously, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get to the point of charging for my services without her support and guidance.

“It was fun, energetic and exciting to work with Rebecca.  I walked away with a new relationship to promoting myself and services.  I found my authentic voice, honed my services and created my community.  My proudest achievement is my Ambitiously Abundant newsletter, that my readers LOVE! I’m always getting messages and mentions about how much they look forward to reading each edition. I’ve also boldly stepped into raising my prices for my coaching services and have gotten hired twice now at my new rate!

If you’re struggling to determine your niche and step into your message as a coach I would highly recommend working with Rebecca. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of her marketing tips, tricks and sparkle!”

Working with Rebecca is like a dream.  She took me from the kernel of an idea of a coaching business to a full blown business complete with website, opt-in, marketing plan, ideal niche, and most importantly of all: amazing clients!! I was lost when we started working together – literally had no idea where to begin and what to do first. Through working with her I was able to create the business of my dreams, without all of the struggle along the way.  My favorite part about working with Rebecca is that not only is she an amazing marketing goddess, but she’s the whole coaching package and has helped me to create mindset practices, connect more to my intuition, and have breakthroughs around my limiting beliefs.  She’s the real deal and way more than just a marketing expert!

My latest business celebration is kicking off my business full time, while traveling abroad, getting hired, and growing my list from zero to 1,000+!

I know I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today if I didn’t have Rebecca’s support.  I think anyone with a business would benefit from working with Rebecca – new coach or experienced, Rebecca has the skills and the heart to help your business explode.

Rebecca is not just a great coach because she is great at marketing, she’s amazing because she cares about her clients and wants to see them succeed – this has made all the difference!

“My TOP takeaway from working with Rebecca is that marketing doesn’t have to feel icky. I now realize that marketing can feel amazing – once you find what type of marketing works for you and how to share your message authentically.

Rebecca has helped me to launch my new website, build an amazing following for my blog and have clients come to me to ask to work with me (largely in part to building trust through my blog/marketing).

Working with Rebecca has been THE major shift in me using my voice and OWNING it – and in a way that feels good. I think the women who could benefit from working with Rebecca most are those who have started working on their coaching businesses but really need to step into who THEY are as a coach and figure out how to get their message out into the world.”

Rebecca has this uncanny way of taking my swirling, scattered thoughts and ideas and funneling them into crystal clarity in what feels like one brief, magical wave of her marketing wand. I often showed up to Marketing Mastery calls with too many ‘big ideas,’ too many words, too many ‘what ifs’ or too many ‘or maybes’ — and she, with her adept laser-vision, focused questioning, and effervescent optimism, would help me find not only the path through the fog, but the way that felt the MOST fun.

I have a unique and very deep message, and so much of the marketing guidance I’ve received in the past was simply trying to fit me into someone else’s template, someone else’s box. And that didn’t work for me. Rebecca’s gifts allow her to FEEL who you are as an entrepreneur, to feel the power of your own unique purpose in this world, and to pull from her vast knowledge and experience to help you find the elements and the direction that work for YOU.

Having her support as I was launching my first group coaching program, Goddess Army, was invaluable — not only from a marketing perspective, but from an emotional and energetic perspective, as well.

What I was expecting in Marketing Mastery was powerful marketing guidance to clarify my new offering. What I wasn’t expecting, but which it turned out I was hungry for, was feeling authentically seen and emotionally supported as I was preparing to step into a bigger expression of myself,holding space for a large group of women, and shedding outdated ideas of ‘smallness.’

“I had wanted to work with you for a while and knew you would be awesome to work with, but Marketing Mastery was honestly better than I even expected. I did not expect nearly the level of coaching and support that we got. I thought I was just signing up for a business class, but we went much deeper. The calls were so high touch, there was so much helpful feedback and I could feel how much you cared about us.

You’re also very practical and I really liked that. You’re very good at coaching us through challenges and giving us tactical solutions to help us move forward, and that is what I needed more than anything.

I’ve gotten super clear on who I want to work with (mom-preneurs!) and feel a huge sense of desire and momentum in my business!”

“OMG!!! I just signed my very first client this evening! Hearing the words, “I am ready, when can we start and how do I sign up?” at the end of the discovery call was so amazing–I cannot contain my excitement! Definitely doing the happy dance right now!!!

When I first heard about this program, I was hesitant to sign up. I felt so confused by marketing in general and worried that this program would 5 steps ahead of me and over my head. I worried that I would be way behind everybody else.

I don’t know how it happened, but when I look back I literally can’t believe how far I’ve come. This program has given me the confidence + knowledge I needed to get out there and powerfully market my services.

Rebecca, you are a badass coach and I’m so glad I was part of this program. I was continually shocked by how much support I received and how you went above and beyond again and again. I will forever be grateful to you and Marketing Mastery.”

“If you’re looking to get your biz off the ground, Rebecca is your go-to gal! Before working with Rebecca I was completely crippled when it came to moving forward with my biz. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what next steps I should take.

Rebecca was always able to put my worries at ease, gave me the support I needed to feel like I could achieve anything with my business and helped me remove the mental clutter and blocks that were standing in my way of building momentum in my business.

Not only that, but Rebecca completely changed the way I viewed writing copy for my business. She inspired me to brainstorm ideas like crazy, to the point that I started getting inspiration from everything around me!

After working with Rebecca, my confidence soared to new heights. She elevated me to a new place of possibility and I felt there was nothing I couldn’t do.

Without a doubt, I would recommend anyone starting out as a new coach to work with Rebecca. She genuinely wants to see her clients do well and 100% puts her heart into everything she does. Her authenticity can genuinely be felt and it’s been a pleasure to work with such a smart, soul-centred human!

Adore her to the core!