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Mindset after a week spent in corporate America…

Mindset after a week spent in corporate America...

Vince dolman sleeve top
$295 –

John Lewis top
£65 –

Furla jelly handbag
$195 –

Yellow gold jewelry
£9,000 –

TopShop oversized jewelry
$28 –

Turquoise sunglasses
$9.99 –

Tan Lines, Reflexology and The Breaking Dawn Trailer (aka my weekly love list)

A roundup of things that made me happy this week…

* Lounging by the pool all weekend. I officially have tan lines!

* Exploring Columbia Heights on Saturday. Such a diverse and lively area of DC!

* Ordering creatively named menu items at restaurants. Today I ate a “Boom Boom Shrimp” for lunch and the name alone put a smile on my face.

* Receiving adorable paper party invitations in the mail. I’ve begun saving them to post on my bulletin board for inspiration.

* Reading These tips for remembering people’s names posted by The Classy Career Girl. So useful!

* Getting inspired by Pretty Young Professional’s 5 Ways to Pursue an Unconventional Career.

* Brunching (verb?) on the lovely back patio of Puro Cafe in Georgetown on Sunday. Fantastic company, delicious food, and perfect ambiance made for a lovely experience.

* Eating free cake at work 🙂

* Stumbling upon this extremely inspirational quote:

“Your journey has molded you for the greater good. It was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.
-Asha Tyson

So great!

* Savoring the Breaking Dawn trailer 🙂 Though perhaps I’m not quite as enthused as this girl. Yikes.

*Watching Jersey Shore reruns on the elliptical…I feel like the healthiness of working out cancels out any brain cells lost…

* Lusting over this adorably feminine lacy pink dress that I cannot afford!

* Getting excited to try out this reflexology map. I am a big believer in the power of massage to de-stress and maintain health.

* Researching for my upcoming trip to India this October. I’ve decided to spend half my time traveling and sightseeing and the other half doing a yoga retreat at an ashram (how Eat Pray Love of me, right?). So excited!!

What did you love this week?

Character Inspiration: The Altruistic and Ultra Chic Bonnie of The Vampire Diaries

Photo: The CW

Ever since the season finale of the greatest show on earth (The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, obviously) I’ve been seriously missing my weekly dose of teen vamp drama! Following in the tradition of previous character/style inspiration posts on leading ladies, Caroline and Katherine, I will now showcase the ultra-chic witch-in-the-making, Bonnie Bennett (played by Katerina Graham).

After discovering that she is part of a long line of powerful female witches early in season 1, much of Bonnie’s plot line revolves around growing in confidence as she learns to harness her intuition and magical powers in the fight against evil vampires. In addition to possessing an enviable mane of long curly locks, Bonnie’s character has a powerful lesson to teach young women today: That when we believe in ourselves, trust our intuition, and channel our passion toward the greater good, we can make amazing things happen. So whether your personal blend of magic involves fighting off the demons of the night (as your ever so perfectly tousled hair blows in the breeze), or getting involved in a cause you feel strongly about, don’t be afraid to cast your spell on the world and make magic happen!

OMG cannot wait until next season!

Pretty in Pink

A girly blend of items I’m currently lusting after…

Shirts blouse
$215 –

Rebecca Minkoff summer shorts
$228 –

Platform heels
25 GBP –

Gold clutch
399 EUR –

Dsquared ring
$150 –

Gold plated bracelet
125 GBP –

Betsey Johnson crystal earrings
$35 –

Flower hat
$59 –

Merci Gustave Tour Eiffel
59 EUR –

Rompers, Roommates, and Making Fun of Hipsters (aka. Rebecca’s weekly love list!)

Photo: Tumblr.

Things that made me smile this week…

* Making Polyvore collages…seriously fun and addictive!

* Enjoying the gloriously sunny three day weekend…it was divine.

* Power shopping with my baby sister, and when I say power, I’m not messing around. We speed-walked (word?) through Montgomery Mall for over four hours on Saturday (Side note: met a former competitive speed walker at a bar recently and learned that speed walking is apparently an Olympic sport not getting the respect it deserves, who knew?!).

* Watching New Moon with my boyfriend (he got major brownie points!) and being so disturbed by anti feminist messages that I stayed up late last night reading articles on the subject. I particularly liked this one by Ms. Magazine. I feel somewhat perplexed now. Can I adore the Twilight series (and the whole vampire genre, for that matter)and still call myself a feminist? Thoughts?

* Drooling over the Clos-ette website. I am making a vow that my closet will one day look like one of these (aspirational organizers: proceed with caution. If Container Store is cocaine, Clos-ette is crack. I’m just saying.

* Lusting over this Tory Burch bangle bracelet. Tres magnifique!

* Finally succumbing to the romper trend with this little floral number. Perfect for a cool yet flirty summer BBQ look!

* Apartment hunting! After a year of living at home with my mom, I’ve decided to fly the nest and get a big girl apartment of my very own (Note: If you know of anyone fabulous looking for roommates in DC holler at me!)

* Making fun of hipsters. Tee hee.

* Strolling past lovely lavender-hued Hydrangeas on my way to work.

* Feeling very lucky I have a job I enjoy. Anyone currently job searching, I feel for you. Remember, it’s always good to laugh!

What made your week fabulous?

Summer Shopping Inspiration!

Just created my first Polyvore collage!! It’s basically my take on Summer 2011 fashion. Check it out…

Jason wu dress
$2,695 –

Christian Louboutin platform heels
$845 –

Zara shoes
$100 –

Wet Seal gladiator shoes
$30 –

Mulberry leather handbag
675 GBP –

Anya Hindmarch glitter handbag
$395 –

Marc by marc jacobs jewelry
$58 –

ALDO wooden bracelet
$15 –


Illesteva round sunglass
$230 –