Realized your coach isn’t perfect after all? Read this.

Coaches and healers draw you in with promises of magic and transformation and then (if they’re any good at their jobs) force you to come face to face with all of your shit.


At some point your ego will likely want to tear them down off the pedestal you once put them up on and make a looooooong list of reasons why they’re not actually qualified/totally fucking weird/super annoying.


It is not “truth”.

When you hire a coach or healer because of a deep soul “yes” it is not an accident or a mistake. It’s just not SUPPOSED to be 100% sunshine and unicorns.

It is supposed to grow you into the the next version of yourself.

And typically that doesn’t happen without a little friction.

So if you find yourself judging the fuck out of the person you pay tons of money each month to help you find love/lose weight/tap into your intuition/grow your business – ask yourself:

What’s REALLY going on?

Could your ego just be trying to distract you from the growth opportunity sitting right in front of your nose?

**NOTE: Occasionally there are crazy situations and bad apples in this industry, but typically, you’re just dealing with a human being, presenting you with the perfect opportunity to further heal your shit.

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