My surprisingly simple “marketing funnel”…

I post my thoughts, feelings, insights and ah-ha moments in real time on my personal Facebook profile (and when I feel inspired, to my email list).

Occaisionally I post offers to work with me.

People comment, engage, and message me to inquire about working together.

We get on the phone and I listen deeply.

If my soul starts dancing and I feel I could deeply help this person, I share my package and invite them to work with me.

I answer any questions that arise with the goal of leaving this human being more clear and empowered after the call (no convincing them in any way shape or form but activating their power and intuition).

If it’s aligned (which 9 out of 10 times if we’ve gotten that far it is), we move forward with working together.

I send them a contract + payment link and my business manager reaches out to them to book their sessions in my calendar.

I make my own vibration my #1 priority and show up to calls ready to be of service.

That’s it.

It’s actually not that complicated.

You got thisĀ 

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