Why I postponed my BIG launch (and what I learned)

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There is a common myth floating around the coaching world that “more is better.”

Every milestone you hit is quickly replaced with something new and shinier. No matter how many marketing tactics you implement, there are seemingly 5 more that “everybody is doing” to add to your already overwhelming to-do list. We’re told that one more course, that perfect Paris photoshoot, hiring this month’s new “it” coach, or implementing the social media platform “everyone is talking about” will help us succeed in business and reach our full potential.

I call bullshit.

Instead of moving us forward faster, this “more, more, more” mentality traps us in a cycle of overwhelm, burnout, and doing many things half way but nothing full out. It spreads us thin, dilutes the potential power and potency of any one activity, and often leaves us in a tailspin.

I’m intimately acquainted with the “more, more more” myth.

I set some pretty lofty goals in January. Not only was I going to travel to 12 countries in 12 months, I would triple the amount of money I made in 2015, make tons of new friends, fall in love, add a minimum of 1k people to my list each month, do regular Periscope challenges, host a video summit, become a published author, and have THE. BIGGEST. LAUNCH. EVER. this May, and host a retreat in Thailand. Oh, and I was going to look really cute doing it.

And I have to give myself credit, in the past four months, while traveling through South America, I’ve…

  • Made many new friends (and maintained pre-existing relationships).
  • Kept a consistently healthy 1 on 1 coaching practice + group program going in the face of electrical outages, spotty wifi, a broken laptop, and a slew of other unpredictable work conditions.
  • Met a boy I really like 🙂
  • Interviewed 13 amazing lady-preneurs for my Day Job to Dream Job summit.
  • Hosted a Periscope challenge.
  • Done some creative writing.
  • Had 2 photoshoots
  • Busted through my fear of public speaking
  • Posted on social media almost every single day
  • Put together a super detailed mega-plan for my upcoming group program launch.

But you know how I was starting to feel last week?

Cranky. Disgruntled. Un-centered. And not all that happy if I’m being honest.

Despite all the pretty pictures littering my Instagram feed, the cool people I was meeting, and a business that was everything I had wanted when I first started out, my life felt like it was bursting at the seems, and it did not feel good.

So I started to get curious…and did a session with the magical (real life mermaid) Heather Bruce Allison.

My big question was this: How do I fall back in love with my work (and, quite honestly, my life)? We began the session with a meditation and she asked me to feel into moving forward with my upcoming launch as planned. My body felt tight and dry, and I saw the color brown.

Then she had me feel into delaying the launch by a few months, and suddenly my body softened, and felt spacious. I saw the color blue.

And so, after much anxiety, second-guessing and feeling feelings, I postponed my launch…and I now feel SO relieved.

My days feel more spacious, I’m less cranky and emotional, and I feel way calmer throughout my work day. Will I make a little less money this month than I thought? Possibly. Will I ultimately be just fine (and probably much better off…financially AND emotionally because of this decision? 100%.

If any part of my story resonates, there’s a message here for you.

Sacrificing your being to get ahead in business never works. Setting goals from the neck up leads to resentment, overwhelm and frustration. You don’t have to “do it all” to get awesome results.

When I look at where the most impact came from in the last few months (in terms of money, relationships, and overall satisfaction), it was this:

  • Writing (and sharing my writing via email and social media)
  • Long chats with soul sisters
  • My weekly Marketing Monday calls in IGC
  • The actual coaching I do with clients 1 on 1 and in my group program
  • Sundays spent in bed with my boyfriend
  • Wandering around beautiful cities and taking pictures

THESE are the things that have brought the biggest results. And they are surprisingly simple, natural and easy for me.

Now, it’s your turn…

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, what could you cut out of your schedule?

What are you doing because someone told you you “should” do it, that doesn’t actually feel aligned?

What are you afraid might happen if you stopped sprinting forward, and took a few minutes to catch your breath and enjoy your surroundings?

I’d love to hear about it. And if you REALLY want to dig in together on it, book a discovery call – let’s jam on what’s possible for you.

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