Why I wrote a stranger a $600 check last week

“I want to give you this,” I said, as I handed my new friend a check for $600. 

She looked down, quizzically, and then her eyes widened, “OMG what? Are you serious? No…this is too much…I couldn’t possibly…” tears began to well up.

“Yes. I’m serious. And yes, you can,” I said as we hugged.

“Welcome to Inner Glow Circle.”

It was Day 2 of a media workshop in Austin, TX led by the epically talented Ellie Scarborough Brett, and my heart was bursting.

I was beyond moved by the bravery and conviction of my fellow participants, particularly this woman. Over vegan tacos at lunch that day (side note: Austin is DELICIOUS), I asked what she craved most in her life right now.

“Sisterhood,” she replied immediately.

“I just want to be around positive women who get me. I feel SO alone”

My heart went out to her.

I told her about Inner Glow Circle, the amazing coaching community I co-lead and her eyes lit up. But when she heard the price tag, sadness + defeat returned.

“I’d love to but I can’t afford it,” she sighed.

Normally when someone says this to me, I know it’s not necessarily true. I’ve learned that by encouraging a woman to invest in herself, I can actually facilitate a massive breakthrough.

But after hearing her heart-wrenching story, I decided not to push the matter, and we moved on to other subjects.

Later that afternoon, a strong voice inside me said, “Gift her the money to be in the program for 3 months. She needs Inner Glow Circle and the community needs her.”

So I wrote the check.

Now in case you’re thinking I’m like Oprah over here (“A car for you, a car for you, and a car for you…”), think again. In fact, if you’d told me this story three months ago, I literally wouldn’t have believed you.

At the time, I was living in my Mom’s basement, working 24/7, and on the brink of burnout. I thought I had to scrimp and save every penny, do work I didn’t love to pay the bills, and that creating wealth had to take a looooong time and a lot of hustle.

But over the past few months I’ve radically shifted my story around money.  And I’m proud to say that between coaching and other income streams, I celebrated my first-even 5-figure month in March.

I do not say this to brag (In fact, I was brought up an a family where we were encouraged to be understated, humble, and not talk about money).

But I actually do need to talk about this. Because other women—particularly coaches–need to know it’s possible to do work we love and be WELL compensated for it.

I never fully understood what it was about wealth that was so appealing to me until now. Sure, I love hot shoes and luxury travel as much as the next girl, but more than that, I love saying yes to my desires—to give and receive—without hesitation or anxiety.

I adore being generous. Taking someone’s breath away. Unexpectedly picking up the tab at dinner. Creating jobs.  Purchasing products and services from people I believe in.

I love being part of The Universe saying “yes” to someone.

I’ve come to believe that at its essence, money is energy, and by healing my relationship to it, I allow larger amounts to flow to me and through me.

When I drop the fear around spending, discomfort around receiving, shame around not having “enough”, or guilt around having “too much”, I realize that money is an inherently divine and beautiful thing.

And the more I stay connected to the divinity and beauty of money, the greater my capacity to be a conduit for it becomes.

In my signature program, BrandFABULOUS, we dive deep into your money story and explore whether or not it’s serving you. Because it’s hard to create a successful business and a lifestyle you love until you heal your relationship with money.

And thus money, and my all time fav subject–marketing–are inextricably linked.

You cannot have successful sales conversations if deep down you don’t really believe there’s enough to go around, or if limiting thoughts like, “my clients can’t afford to pay me” or “I can’t have what I want” are running through your head.

And if you are constantly in fear around money, it’s hard to show up as the highest version of yourself, which does everyone–particularly your clients–a disservice.

I am on a mission to heal what I perceive to be a broken story around money, particularly among women coaches, and I would love to work with YOU.

I invite you to book a free clarity call with me to explore money and marketing at a deeper level.

With sparkle and soul,


Ps. Want to learn more about Inner Glow Circle and why it’s so rad? Click here.

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