Are you a “problem client”? (me too)

You guys, I am NOT easy to coach.

Like, not at all.

I feel a little bit bad for every coach that has to work with me (except for the business coaches…I’m much nicer to them for some reason. Probably because my ego feels safe talking strategy…).

But the people who have walked me through some deeply rooted emotional shit?

They deserve a fucking medal.

I can be THE WORST kind of client and I know it.

* I argue.
* I doubt the process (and even at times the coach)
* I make up all kinds of excuses…and I’m VERY convincing
* I try to “back seat coach” and control the session
* I get super defensive/resistant/prickly when I’m being called out.
* I’ve even been known to put someone up on a pedestal only to realize they are not as “perfect” as I thought (and then feel disappointed and resentful).

I’d be a total nightmare to deal with if I wasn’t so damn aware of what what was happening, a blessing and a curse.

BUT…being a tough cookie client DOES have it’s gifts.

The biggest?

I’m pretty hard to shake when I’m coaching a “problem client.”

I don’t back down.

I don’t run and hide (at least not anymore).

And I don’t take your resistance all that seriously/personally.

So If you’ve always felt like you’re “too much” for a coach to handle.

If your resistance has caused past coaches to shrink back and doubt themselves, making them a less effective stand for you and causing YOU to feel unsafe or misunderstood.

If you desire REAL TRANSFORMATION (plus tangible strategy to back it up) and want to work with someone who’s more committed to your growth than to you liking or approving of them.

And if 2017 is the year you want to become FUCKING VISIBLE in the online world and you want to be deeply supported…I want to talk to you.

I’ve been so excited by the interest people have shown in my mastermind since my post yesterday, and I’m already lining up calls.

There are only 8 spots total and they are starting to fill.

So if a part of you is feeling called toward this experience, don’t wait. Reach out to me.

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