Every time I identify a new money block I get really excited…

Every time I identify a new money block I get really excited…

…because when I pinpoint the limiting belief (in a way in which my whole body is just like, “ohhhh…fuck…..that’s IT” I know I’m about to have a breakthrough.

The latest…

I just realized that I equate my business earning past a certain point with “having to work outside of my zone of genius” and “experiencing more interpersonal conflict.”

To really get to my next “level” so to speak in business I have believed that I would need to manage a big team of people, that it would be complicated, burdensome, emotionally messy, and heavy…

Additionally I had it that I would no longer feel “free” and “creative” (my core desired feelings) because I would have created a “job.”

And furthermore, that I would spend most of my time in the role of project manager, organizing, making lists, and constantly checking in/micromanaging to make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do all the time (my personal idea of hell).

And that if I create a team and they see how “messy” “disorganized” and “flakey” I am, I’ll be exposed and judged.

And that I’m way too “intuitive” and “creative” to actually lead a team of people in “the real world.”

But here’s the thing…

NONE of this is actually truth.

It’s just been my perception based on what I’ve seen in my past work experience viewed from a disempowered headspace.

But if I can consciously create my reality in certain areas (which I’ve proven to myself that I can) than I CAN CREATE MY LIFE IN ALL AREAS.

And once this really set in, I started to realize all the ways that more money and more team would actually allow me to be more creative and free.

Which if you think about it?

Is FUCKING cool.

PS. “Flakey” is no longer a word I used to describe myself – it’s internalized patriarchal shame for changing my mind based on my intuition – which is actually brave as fuck and one of my biggest assets as an entrepreneur.

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