From living in my mom’s basement to traveling the world


Ever since graduating college in 2010 I’ve called Washington DC home, but this Saturday I start the next chapter of my life…

I’m visiting 12 countries in 12 months through a program called the Remote Year!

Here’s a sneak peak at my itinerary…

February – Montevideo, Uruguay

March – Buenos Aires, Argentina

April – La Paz, Bolivia

May – Cusco, Peru

June – Istanbul, Turkey

July – Prague, Czech Republic

August – Belgrade, Serbia

September – Cavtat Croatia

October – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November – Koh Phangan, Thailand

December – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

January – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I’m bursting with excitement, a few pre-trip jitters, and soooo much gratitude <3

It will still be business as usual for me (working with my amazing 1-on-1 clients, the fabulous women in my group program, Marketing Mastery, and serving as the Director of Marketing and Business Training for Inner Glow Circle).

But instead of coaching/writing from my pink leather couch in the nation’s capital… I’ll be working from seaside cafes and co-working spaces across the globe!

Whether your dream includes trotting around the world…or running your biz from your couch…I want you to know that it’s meant for you (and that you can have it sooner than you think).

Last January I had juuuust moved out of my Mom’s basement, cut back to working a few days a week at my formerly full-time job, announced that I would no longer be offering “life coaching” and “marketing services” separately but in one cohesive (and more expensive) package, and hired my first high end coach.

My life felt like one leap of faith after another…it was terrifying and totally exhilarating.

In some ways I’m experiencing a bit of déjà vu this January as I prepare to leap again.

As I check off the final items on my To-Do list (last round of immunizations, pre-trip highlights, switching my cell phone plan, etc.) I’m kind of in awe of all that’s happened since last January…

  • Leaving my former job to run The Pursuit of Fabulous full-time (and replacing my old salary in the first 6 months)
  • Starting Inner Glow Circle (part women’s sisterhood part coach training program with my best friends in the world).
  • Selling my first high end coaching package…and eventually selling out my 1 on 1 practice
  • Going from super nervous about speaking in front of a group to creating a signature group program, Marketing Mastery, and running it 3 times in one year (next round starts in mid-June so stay tuned).

It was a year of proving myself and testing what I was made of.

There were so many times when I felt afraid. Overwhelmed. Like I wasn’t quite sure how I would ever make my big dreams my reality…but I just kept trusting and taking the next right action.

What was it that made the biggest difference for me this year? Ultimately I couldn’t have done it without…

  • Sisterhood—having a Taylor Swift-style crew of power girls that I can reach out to for emotional support + business advice has been totally invaluable (Katie, Natalie, Kelly and Lexi I’m looking at YOU).
  • High-level coaching—I seriously don’t know what I would have done without the amazing coaches who have supported me and my business in the last year (Jessica, Sara, Ellie, and Mel are AH-MAZING).
  • Shifting my beliefs around money. I definitely dipped into my savings this year and used credit cards (responsibly). Click here to read my empowering money beliefs for spiritual entrepreneurs.
  • Creating a mindset practice—last September, right after I did Mel Pharr’s mindset challenge, I had my first $35k month and sold out my 1-on-1 practice. Coincidence? I think not. I know believe that having a powerful (and consistent daily mindset practice) is a must for success as a coach.

I’ve always loved the quote, “success leaves footprints” which basically means that if you want what someone else has (or your version of it) it makes sense to do what they do.

So if this is the year you want to create a thriving freedom-based coaching biz, I highly suggest build a community of likeminded women, get the support of a coach, examine whether or not your money beliefs are supporting your entrepreneurial dreams, and get your head in the game daily with an empowering mindset practice.

Want support in creating your version of a fabulous life in 2016?

I have 1 spot opening up in my 1 on 1 practice starting in February.

Click here to apply for a discovery call to see if working together feels like a good fit.



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