Cha-ching! 9 Powerful Money Mantras for Spiritual Entrepreneurs



Let’s face it, it’s impossible to start a business and avoid the subject of money altogether. Whether you love it, hate it, or just kind of ignore it and hope it’s around when you need it, money has an impact on almost every area life.

Thus it makes sense to take a deeper look at how you relate to money, and whether or not your money beliefs are serving you. If you want to improve your relationship with money (and grow your bank account in the process), I invite you to read the following 9 empowering money mantras (with an open mind + heart) and notice what they bring up for you.

1. The desire to make money is in no way “wrong” or “bad”.

No matter what you’ve been taught to believe, wanting more money is not evil. God/The Universe/whatever higher power you believe in does not want you to struggle with money. There is nothing spiritually noble or superior about not having money. Money is actually a tool for creating your ideal life.

What’s really juicy and interesting is the “why” behind money. Why do you desire wealth? What does an abundant life mean to you? Remember, the more money you have, the greater positive impact you can have on the world and the more fun experiences are available to you. What would the world be like if women like us—wise, caring, passionate lady-coaches—were very very wealthy? (HINT: lots of good stuff!)

2. We live in an abundant Universe.

It’s important to understand that on a spiritual level, you making money does not deprive or “take from” anyone else. There is more than enough to go around. Similarly, there is no need to see other coaches as your competition, or feel threatened by another coach who is “crushing it”.

There are more than enough ideal clients to go around.  The coaching industry is in no way saturated. In fact, it’s only in its infancy. For every person who has the drive + desire to become a coach, there are more than enough clients that desperately need what that coach has to offer (yes, YOU!).

3. Worth is not determined by struggle and had work.

We are often conditioned to believe that something that comes easily is less valuable than something we have to really struggle to achieve. This is simply untrue. Often the gifts that come to us most naturally (or what I call your “Um, duh!” skills) are worth the most!

You may think that your knack for organization or ability to cut straight to the heart of an issue isn’t so special because to you it’s like breathing. You’ve probably been doing it in some capacity for free your whole life. As a coach it’s time to reframe the way you look at these natural talents and recognize them for the valuable gifts they are.

4. Our predominant thoughts around money literally create our financial reality.

There is a popular saying that “thoughts become things,” and nothing could be truer. The thoughts we think day in and day out have a direct effect on our net worth!

Does this mean you can never worry about money or need to repress financial fears you have?

Of course not!

But it’s really important to bring any disempowering money thoughts to the surface, and regularly work to clear feelings, judgments, and fears you have around abundance. Begin to observe your habitual thought patterns, specifically around money. Are your thoughts empowering? If not, are you ready to let them go?

5. You’re family’s beliefs about money are not “truth”.

I know, I know, this may seem obvious but the stuff we were taught about money as little kids is deeply ingrained in our psyches. It’s really important to begin to excavate these beliefs and decide whether or not they work for you.

What did your parents tell you about money and abundance growing up?

How did this affect you?

Were you ever criticized for having too much or not enough?

Don’t be afraid to dig through your early experiences with money, as they are likely still impacting you today.

6. Gratitude is a magnet for abundance.

The more we appreciate what we have, the more we will have to appreciate. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of feeling grateful for what we already enjoy. As a practice, I challenge you to begin by silently saying “thank you money” every time you pull out your credit card to buy that new dress or go to pay the restaurant bill.

Abundance is totally relative, and if you’re reading this, my guess is that there are a lot of people on the planet who would be THRILLED to have what you take for granted. This is not to make you feel guilty, but to remind you of how truly blessed you really are.

7. Money needs a purpose.

The more connected your financial goals are to a clear purpose (that is connected to an authentic and aligned desire), the more quickly abundance will flow to you. I hear a lot of women coaches say, “I want to make 6 figures,” which is awesome, but not if you just stop there. The real manifesting power comes from the “why” behind the number.

Do you want to travel more and feel more adventurous and inspired? Do you want to purchase a beautiful home where you can enjoy spending time with loved ones? Make sure to connect your financial goals with the desired feelings behind them and your manifesting power will be amplified exponentially.

8. Money is meant to flow through you and to you.

Despite what you may have been taught, there is no need to grip your money tightly for fear more will never come. It will. Just as you never doubt that after you exhale there will be air to inhale, there is no need to doubt that on a spiritual level that you will be provided for. The more ease and flow you have around money, the more ease and flow you will continue to feel.

How did these mantras feel to you?  Did they bring up anything surprising?  Would love to hear about your reactions in the comments below!

9. You are a powerful creator.

Whether or not you recognize it, you are capable of generating the money you desire (and that is on-purpose for you), right here and right now. You are more qualified, more ready and more able than you think. The biggest thing standing between you and earning the income you crave is your own perception of what you’re capable of.

Did this post resonate with you? Did it bring up anything surprising? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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