The lazy girl’s guide to landing clients

3 tips for filling your client roster (without opening your laptop!)

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Think you have to spend hours trolling Facebook, launch a highly-produced video series or become an online celebrity to get hired as a coach? Think again!

Don’t get me wrong, online marketing systems + structures can be massively helpful for growing your business and brand (if they weren’t I’d be out of a job!).  But with the right mindset, you can actually start growing your practice without a single click of a mouse (gasp!).  Here’s how…

1) Get out of hiding.

It never ceases to surprise me how secretive new coaches can be about what they’re doing.  I’ve talked to women who feel they “couldn’t possibly” tell people about their new coaching business for fear they’ll be judged as “too weird”, “too woo-woo”, or (my personal favorite) “not  successful enough to be a coach.”


Look, I get the fear of being judged.  I totally do.  I went through much of high school as a wallflower (and a psychic once told my I was burned at the stake for being a witch in a past life).  But newsflash: we’re not in high school (or Salem!) anymore.  At a certain point you have to ask yourself, would your rather avoid judgement or be massively successful and fulfilled?

When you start to be more open about what you do (ie. “come out of the closet” as a coach), most people will naturally be curious and want to learn more.  Don’t be afraid to tell them!

The more confident you are about what you do, the more positively people will react (and the more likely they will be to refer you business!). Might you get the occasional hater?  Sure.  But wouldn’t you rather be happy and get hired?  Yeah…that’s what I thought. 

2)  Consider the places you already go.

Remember, your potential clients are people too.  They buy groceries, get pedicures, sip lattes, and walk their dogs in the local park.  They’re out and about in the world—not just at networking events or online groups (and sometimes we forget this simple fact).

Whenever you’re going about your daily routine, ask yourself, “How would I show up/act if I assumed my ideal clients were here?” Then go do that.

This works because once you set an intention for a certain amount of clients, the Law of Attraction immediately goes to work on your behalf, sending the exact right people to you.  But remember, The Universe cares less about where you are than how you are being.  It doesn’t differentiate between a networking event and the produce aisle at Whole Foods (but it DOES respond to positive open energy wayyyyy more than closed off negative energy).

The lesson?  Your most powerful (and lucrative!) connections will occur in places you LOVE and already go (rather than places you think you “should” go to find clients).

3. Trust your intuition (and boldly follow it’s wisdom!)

What if I told you you have a POWERFUL inner business advisor that’s always available and exists to help you succeed? Would you want to know more?

Thought so.

Your intuition is just that, and to make more sales, it’s important to act on the inner hunches that surface.  If an old friend suddenly comes to mind?  Call them.  Get an intuitive hit during a conversation that you could really help someone?  Say so.

Sometimes this can feel really awkward if you have a pre-existing relationship with someone who you think would make an ideal client.  But I invite you to feel the awkwardness and trust your intuition anyway.

The next time you have an intuitive hit that a friend, co-worker or acquaintance would make an ideal client, I invite you to say something like, “Wow, that’s exactly what I do. Are you open to having a conversation about the services I offer that would really help you?”

This question provides you with a safe transition from friend to service provider and  gives them permission to say, “no thank you,” if they’re not interested.  The more you speak up on your intuitive hunches, the louder and more accurate they will get and the more clients you will find.

Did you find this post helpful?  Let me know in the comments below!

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