What nobody tells you about following your dreams

become a life coach

There is a dangerous myth floating around the coaching industry that starting a passion-based business is pure bliss…

And that if you’re not leaping out of bed each morning + experiencing huge paydays right away…you’re doing something wrong.

I call bullshit.  

While my entrepreneurial journey has been hands-down the most meaningful + worthwhile experience of my life…it has NOT been a cakewalk.

  • Announcing my first workshop and only having 2 people sign up?  Not fun.
  • Moving into my mom’s basement for 4 months so I could quit my full time job?  Not glamorous.
  • Having friends and family repeatedly express concern about my ability to support myself?  Not empowering.
  • Gaining 10 pounds and not getting my period for three months straight due to stress?  Not sexy.
  • Having clients sign up for packages…and then back out or completely ghost?  Not the best feeling in the world.
  • Spending more money on coaching + training per month than rent…again and again and again…and not always knowing how the money was going to come in?  Pretty freaking terrifying.

Worth it?  Definitely.  

But easy?  Oh hell no!

The thing is, when we only see the shiny Facebook-worthy stuff, we can forget that every entrepreneur is an actual human being and therefore on a journey (full of highs, lows, and yes the occasional sleepless night or ugly cry).

I don’t say this to scare you, but rather equip you with the grit + determination needed to see your business through it’s awkward puberty stages…and not quit too soon because someone told you it would be easy.

Because when you do stick it out, the rewards are pretty spectacular…

  • You learn what you’re really made of…and develop a trust in yourself and The Universe like never before.
  • You experience the magic of doing work you LOVE and getting paid (well!) for it, which never stops being awesome.
  • You help transform people’s lives.
  • You connect with a tribe of people that are so insanely cool you can barely believe it.
  • People start looking up to you and regularly thanking you for the work you do.
  • You experience a level of freedom and joy you never knew existed.

From what I hear, it’s a lot like becoming a mother.  Giving birth is a painful sweaty process, followed by years of sleepless nights and a level of fear and anxiety that never quite goes away…

But ultimately?  You can’t imagine your life without your kid and wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

If you’re ready to nurture my business baby (without losing my sanity), I invite you to book a free clarity call to learning about marketing and business coaching with me 🙂

Peace, love and all things FABULOUS,


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