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7 unconventional (and damn fun!) ways to improve your copywriting skills

Feel like creating content is about as exciting as watching paint dry?  I got you, boo.  Here are a few surprising ways to add a little spice to your writing…
Seriously.  Witty banter that (fingers crossed!) leads to a date (or at the very least a steamy encounter) can ALSO help you create content that leads to clients. Game is game, people.

Comedians have a way of picking up on + articulating universal truths and making us all laugh in the process.  They don’t just “lighten the mood”, they transform heartbreak into hilarity, and are energetic alchemists of the highest order. Watch them. Learn from them. It will serve you (and your copy) well.

3) YOUNG ADULT FANTASY NOVELS (especially when vampires, wizards, and/or dystopian future realities are involved ;)).

An ordinary teen is thrust into an extraordinary world, while supernatural challenges, love triangles, and impending doom threaten at every turn…

Oooof. Delicious…

In my humble opinion. JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, and Stephanie Mayer are GENIUSES.  Their highly addictive stories hit a “hell yeah!” chord with millions, creating raving fans who will spend hours on a random Tuesday waiting in line for the latest book (in full costume, no less) and then stay up all night in a hypnotic trance because they JUST. CAN’T. STOP.  READING.

THAT is power. Deep bow.

Yes, that’s right – I’ve learned SO much about how to draw someone in (and keep em’ hooked) from popular TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, House of Cards, and many more.  Go ahead, call me a basic bitch with a procrastination problem.  I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

I have a good friend and client who is a professional illustrator and have learned SO much from her.  My #20DaysOfTruth challenge was largely inspired by the passion projects she used to make a name for herself in the art world.

Getting feedback/inspiration from someone who’s training can’t be traced back to 1 of the same 10 OG coaches has given me a fresh perspective and resulted in my content feeling wayyyyy more unique (I highly recommend it).

While it was ANYTHING but comfortable, the last 9 months I’ve spent learning to read + clear energy (and cracking open in every imaginable way) has resulted in insane levels of creativity for me.  I feel more, see more, and just plain KNOW MORE about the human condition by undergoing such a deep exploration of myself.

And my “content intuition” (i.e. spidey sense for what will go viral and what will fall flat)? It’s spot fucking on.

For those of you who are new to these parts (these parts being my Facebook profile), I’ve lived in 12 countries over the course of the last 12 months.  Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, England, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

I did it with 75 total strangers (who now feel like family).

It was, for lack of a better word, an adventure and you better believe it made my content more interesting.

While I’m by no means suggesting you to pack up your life and live out of a suitcase for a year (though it’s been a damn fun ride), I DO invite you to consider how you can do life a little differently than everyone else.  It will stretch you (and therefore, your copy) in ways you could never have imagined.

So…there you have it.

My best (and least likely to make your eyes glaze over in boredom) tips for taking your content to a whole new level.


Every time I identify a new money block I get really excited…

Every time I identify a new money block I get really excited…

…because when I pinpoint the limiting belief (in a way in which my whole body is just like, “ohhhh…fuck…..that’s IT” I know I’m about to have a breakthrough.

The latest…

I just realized that I equate my business earning past a certain point with “having to work outside of my zone of genius” and “experiencing more interpersonal conflict.”

To really get to my next “level” so to speak in business I have believed that I would need to manage a big team of people, that it would be complicated, burdensome, emotionally messy, and heavy…

Additionally I had it that I would no longer feel “free” and “creative” (my core desired feelings) because I would have created a “job.”

And furthermore, that I would spend most of my time in the role of project manager, organizing, making lists, and constantly checking in/micromanaging to make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do all the time (my personal idea of hell).

And that if I create a team and they see how “messy” “disorganized” and “flakey” I am, I’ll be exposed and judged.

And that I’m way too “intuitive” and “creative” to actually lead a team of people in “the real world.”

But here’s the thing…

NONE of this is actually truth.

It’s just been my perception based on what I’ve seen in my past work experience viewed from a disempowered headspace.

But if I can consciously create my reality in certain areas (which I’ve proven to myself that I can) than I CAN CREATE MY LIFE IN ALL AREAS.

And once this really set in, I started to realize all the ways that more money and more team would actually allow me to be more creative and free.

Which if you think about it?

Is FUCKING cool.

PS. “Flakey” is no longer a word I used to describe myself – it’s internalized patriarchal shame for changing my mind based on my intuition – which is actually brave as fuck and one of my biggest assets as an entrepreneur.

How to drop shame around credit card debt and reclaim your financial power

AH-HA MOMENT: I’m not just no longer ashamed of my credit card debt, I’m fucking PROUD of what it represents.

I’m PROUD of my willingness to take risks in my business and life.
I’m PROUD that I’ve invested in myself again and again, “logic” be damned.
I’m PROUD of my commitment to uplevel when I could have easily taken the safe/comfortable route.

Fuck this “I’m no longer ashamed of how I’ve handled money in the past” bullshit – I’m motherfucking proud bitches.😂

When you become an entrepreneur, the money rules change and success requires a wildly different mindset.


It’s literally a load of crap.

Debt is temporary, but leaping into the unknown in the direction of your dreams, betting on yourself, and full-on going for it over and over again is an investment that will yield epic returns for the rest of your life.

Are you dulling your shine so people accept you?

I was catching up with a girlfriend from Remote Year recently about life post traveling….

“Damn girl, you’re really crushing it,” she said to me. “The rest of us are just struggling to figure shit out/get by and you’re over here all happy, selling out your programs and living in a penthouse.”

Instantly I felt a tiny collapse in the pit of my stomach…

“Fuck…I was too shiny” I reflexively thought to myself.

It was an instant reaction, but I FELT it.

It’s funny – the month before I left for my year plus of travels (January 2016) was my highest earning month in business and was a time when I was doing mindset work like it was my full time job.

And…it worked.

I was making bank.

But I remember flying (business class) to Uruguay and meeting a few people on the plane (who were flying coach) and instantly feeling (or perhaps imagining?) judgment in their eyes.

“Fuck…I can’t be the ‘rich bitch’ here. I won’t have any friends,” I remember thinking.

And in the weeks to follow – staying in an old hotel with paper thin walls in Uruguay with the rest of the group, I stopped my morning mindset practice.

I didn’t want to make people uncomfortable.

I didn’t want to be too weird.

I didn’t want to be too happy.

I didn’t want to be too shiny.

I traded a bit of my radiance for a sense of belonging and connection.

This has zero to do with the people in the program – they are kick ass and many of them are dear friends. Nobody told me in any way shape or form to do this.

I did it because of my perception and fear of what they would think of me.

So I stopped myself.

I slowed my business.

I subconsciously pumped the breaks on wealth creation while consciously continuing to “do all the things.”

And after a while…I started to forget just how motherfucking powerful I am.

Lately (really ever since I got back to DC) I’ve been remembering…and it’s been delicious.

And today talking to my friend it really hit me exactly what happened last year (from a mindset perspective) in my business.

No judgment.
No shame.
No guilt.

Just understanding. And compassion. And love.

Do you have a “good decent person” block around earning more money in your coaching business?

Here’s what I’ve come to understand…

If you fundamentally believe you’re putting your clients out or causing them harm by raising your rates – even ever so slightly, in a deep recesses of your unconscious mind – you will sabotage your sales…and you won’t have the level of positive impact on the world you otherwise could…

>>You won’t fully stand for people when their intuition is guiding them to hire you because a part of you will buy into their story that money is hard for them or that paying you will be stressful…

>>You won’t unapologetically promote your services with full conviction because you’ll be afraid of your power as a marketer….

>>You’ll cling to stories where you still feel “victimized” by past buying decisions rather than fully owning your part in creating EVERY situation in your life – and then you’ll attract people who have similar victim stories/energy around money…

To fully embrace and own the fact that we are living in a Law of Attraction based Universe, you have to break a few socially agreed upon contracts – and THAT is the real work you need to do.

You actually don’t have to focus on perfecting your marketing or learning more in order to increase your income as a coach (unless it’s your next, intuitively guided step).

You need to focus on clearing away any part of you that still believes you can’t have what you want or that having what you want will cause harm to others.

And then relax, trust your guidance, be nice to yourself, and watch how easily and quickly you grow your online empire…

My surprisingly simple “marketing funnel”…

I post my thoughts, feelings, insights and ah-ha moments in real time on my personal Facebook profile (and when I feel inspired, to my email list).

Occaisionally I post offers to work with me.

People comment, engage, and message me to inquire about working together.

We get on the phone and I listen deeply.

If my soul starts dancing and I feel I could deeply help this person, I share my package and invite them to work with me.

I answer any questions that arise with the goal of leaving this human being more clear and empowered after the call (no convincing them in any way shape or form but activating their power and intuition).

If it’s aligned (which 9 out of 10 times if we’ve gotten that far it is), we move forward with working together.

I send them a contract + payment link and my business manager reaches out to them to book their sessions in my calendar.

I make my own vibration my #1 priority and show up to calls ready to be of service.

That’s it.

It’s actually not that complicated.

You got this