What my shaky hands have to do with YOUR marketing

If you’ve never met me in person, you probably don’t know this, but I have a hand tremor.

Usually it’s not too noticeable, but when caffeine kicks in or I have low blood sugar, my hands get pretty damn shaky (like, I could never be a surgeon, shaky).

For years I’ve felt so much shame around my tremor. I felt like it made me look like I was nervous (even when I wasn’t). I’ve made jokes about it and laughed it off if I accidentally spilled a drink, but it has always felt distinctly “uncool”.

Anyway over the weekend I was in a room of over 100 women entrepreneurs at a posh hotel in Beverly Hills, and I was excited.

My hair looked good, I felt confident in my outfit, and I was excited to be one of the speakers at this event, and meet women in person who I’ve been connected to online.

But as I was mingling in the morning, I could feel my hands shaking as I held my coffee cup, and found myself wondering, “Do the girls I’m talking to notice? Do they think I’m nervous? Do they think less of me?”

Lately I have been getting 1 central memo from The Universe on repeat:

Be vulnerable, be vulnerable be vulnerable.

Take off the mask of “perfection” and show the world your awkward, wobbly (or in this case, shaky) parts.

I feel like my shaky hands were my vulnerability at the event. In a situation where it’s so tempting to put on a mask of “I’m a polished powerful entrepreneur” the shaky hands made me human, raw, relatable.

I talked about the experience with a few women at my table and was met with so much love and appreciation for being vulnerable. Later that night I posted about it on my Facebook page and it received well over 100 likes, many comments and numerous private messages.

The lesson?

When you are vulnerable, people feel connected to you, and that leads them to trust you. This idea that you have to seem like you’ve “arrived” and “have it all figured out” to be a credible coach is total bull (and buying into is is REALLY stressful and unsustainable).

But Rebecca, if I’m vulnerable won’t I lose all my credibility?” I hear you ask.

Here’s my honest response to this very real question…

You are not qualified to coach on a particular topic because of the results you’ve produced (for yourself or others) or the place you’ve “arrived”. You are qualified because you are actively IN PROCESS with the subject around which you coach/teach/consult. You are qualified because you are wildly interested in/deeply committed to sifting through all the muck to find the gold.

Let me repeat: YOUR WORTH IS NOT YOUR RESULTS (at least not in the way that the world typically defines “results”).

Because when you conflate the two, you are pretty much guaranteed to periodically feel like total shit, because The Universe doesn’t really let us “arrive” anywhere. At least not for long.  We are inherently “in transit.” Change is awesomely (and at times, excruciatingly) unavoidable.

So let’s get practical here…so you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about and how it applies to you:

  • You can be a love and relationship coach and go through a messy divorce.
  • You can be a weight loss or health coach and have a health or an emotional eating flare up and gain weight.
  • You can be a business coach and be in break down around your business, lose clients, have a failed lauch, etc.

Being “in it” (ya know, sifting through the emotionally messy, murky stuff) in a particular area does not disqualify or diminish your credibility in that area. It enhances it.

We can only take people as deep as we’ve gone. And if we want to be of MASSIVE SERVICE we have to get over our fear that we will lose our credibility if we tell the truth and “go there.”
Do you agree? Disagree? Would love to know…

You may not yet realize how good your life can get!

How Good Life Can Get

As I prepare to re-launch my signature group program, Marketing Mastery, in August I’ve been reflecting on how much has changed since I first created the program in Jan 2015…

And it’s a lot.

At the time I had just moved out of my Mom’s basement in the suburbs and into a cute one-bedroom apartment in DC, was still working part time at my old job, and had JUST gotten clear that I wanted to be a marketing coach.

My days were spent trying to book discovery calls, watching every free marketing training/webinar I could get my hands on (I listened to all 200+ episodes of Gina Devee’s radio in the span of a few weeks), unsuccessfully trying my hand at Tinder (the stories I could tell you!) and reading angel cards/eating gluten free peanut butter cookie’s on Katie DePaola’s coach (they weren’t even that good but when your best friend is a health nut and it’s 2am…what else are you gonna do?).

It was a fun and exciting and totally terrifying time.

There were high highs (getting my first client as a marketing coach! Leading my first group coaching call! Hosting a workshop!) and low lows (having a client agree to work with me only to back out, having to defend my life decisions to skeptical family members who were “really worried about me”, and wondering if I really had what it took to earn enough money coaching to sustain myself).

Fast forward to now and my life (while anything but perfect) looks much different…

I move once a month to a new country (and plan to do so for the foreseeable future) and am constantly somewhere new and exotic. So far this year I’ve been to Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, London and Switzerland…and I’m just getting started.

I have a steady base of 1 on 1 clients who I FUCKING LOVE and who for the most part, completely adore me too. I feel deeply valued on a daily basis and like my work matters.

I have a boyfriend for the first time since I started my business…and it feels GOOD.

I’m MUCH more into intuition and energy healing than I used to be and am currently studying under she-shaman, Jody England, in a 9 month energy healing training program.

My view of what “success” looks like in this coaching world is much more nuanced than it once was.

I used to think that once I hit the holy grail of “$10k/month” all my problems would be solved.

(reality check: NOT true in the slightest).

Cliché as it might sound I now see my business as a journey rather than a destination. I know that no matter how much I achieve, new areas of growth will always present themselves. The experience of being “triggered” and having to work through it isn’t going anywhere (sorry to disappoint).

I also know what I’m capable of and have replaced the shallower self-confidence I used to have with a deep trust in my ability to help people shift at the deepest levels and help them grow aligned and fulfilling businesses.

Lastly, I’m kinder to myself than I used to be.

A funny thing happens when you spend your days hearing about the tender messy parts of other women’s lives…you realize that we’re all always “in it” and NOBODY is as “together” as they seem.

Self doubt is as universal and unavoidable as gravity.

As I’ve been reflecting I’ve felt a sense of peace begin to come over me–it’s cool to see how far I’ve come and acknowledge myself for all that has transpired (I’m a big believer that we don’t do this enough). I encourage you to take some time to do the same…

What’s shifted in your life in the last year and a half?

What are you proud of?

Any ah-has?

Would love to hear about them!

The secret bad habit I’m finally ready to kick…

Copy of A mother's (1)

I have a confession to make:

Left to my own devices, I’m not a very organized person.

My handwriting looks like it belongs to a 5th grade boy, my purse is often embarrassingly messy, and I have at least 10 computer tabs open at any given time.

My saving grace (and probably the reason I’ve been able to start + run a successful business) is that I’m unusually fast (and pretty darn good at thinking on my feet).

  • I’ve signed a coaching client in an Uber ride during a thunderstorm (periodically muting the line to give directions to the driver)
  • I’ve gotten a random idea in the middle of the night for a program, written up a sales page, and announced it on Facebook within a hour (this is how Marketing Mastery, my signature group marketing program for new coaches, was born)
  • I can take a piece of writing from rough + scattered to gleaming perfection, 15 minutes before it’s due to a client.

I never thought I would have to grow in the area…until I started traveling.

Suddenly my slightly scattered (last-minute but lovable?) attitude no longer cut it. When wifi and electricity are unreliable, you move once a month, you don’t speak the language, the currency is always changing, AND you run your own business?

Disorganization doesn’t fly.

My disorganization pattern was brought to a head with my own coach, who, ironically, is one of the most organized humans I’ve ever encountered (in my coach training program I was taught that how we show up in coaching is how we show up everywhere else, and nothing could be more true).

I’m supposed to fill out a weekly form before each of our sessions and I neglected to do it. Three weeks in a row. And my coach called me out–BIG time.

“Rebecca, this is becoming a pattern,” she said. “You keep showing up for our calls unprepared and feeling overwhelmed and scattered. We are capable of having MUCH more interesting and high level conversations. What is this really about? And what would we be talking about if you weren’t always in overwhelm?”

Pow. She totally nailed it, and it really got me thinking.

Why did this pattern exist? And what would be possible if I WASN’T always running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off?

Here’s what I came up with:

Disorganization is my avoidance tactic of choice. It’s a way for me to escape being fully present in any moment because I’m always “running late” or “on a deadline.” It’s hard to notice when your life is out of alignment if you’re always rushing around. You can avoid feeling lonely when you’re frantically looking for your keys.

So I made the commitment to start getting more organized, but interestingly I felt worse not better (at first).

I found that when I had a to-do list and stuck with it I was crankier and more irritable throughout the day. When my room was spotless and I had more than enough time to get ready for an event, there was nothing to do but feel my feelings (not always my favorite activity).

But I stayed with it–and got support.

Soon it became clear that my work-life was out of alignment and I decided to delay a launch I had planned for May (a very scary and very uncomfortable decision you can read more about here).

Suddenly there was space…and I began to feel lighter than I had in a long time.

It has started to really sink in: I don’t have a disorganization problem (I have an avoiding uncomfortable feelings problem…just like every other human being out there. Disorganization and overwhelm just happen to be my flavor). With this insight, keeping my external environment tidy + maintaining a to-do list has gotten much easier…and when I resist cleaning up I know it’s a sign there is something deeper going on.

Does this strike a chord with you? What’s your flavor of avoiding uncomfortable feelings? I invite you to “out” yourself and let me know.

It’s freaking liberating.

Why I postponed my BIG launch (and what I learned)

A mother's (1)

There is a common myth floating around the coaching world that “more is better.”

Every milestone you hit is quickly replaced with something new and shinier. No matter how many marketing tactics you implement, there are seemingly 5 more that “everybody is doing” to add to your already overwhelming to-do list. We’re told that one more course, that perfect Paris photoshoot, hiring this month’s new “it” coach, or implementing the social media platform “everyone is talking about” will help us succeed in business and reach our full potential.

I call bullshit.

Instead of moving us forward faster, this “more, more, more” mentality traps us in a cycle of overwhelm, burnout, and doing many things half way but nothing full out. It spreads us thin, dilutes the potential power and potency of any one activity, and often leaves us in a tailspin.

I’m intimately acquainted with the “more, more more” myth.

I set some pretty lofty goals in January. Not only was I going to travel to 12 countries in 12 months, I would triple the amount of money I made in 2015, make tons of new friends, fall in love, add a minimum of 1k people to my list each month, do regular Periscope challenges, host a video summit, become a published author, and have THE. BIGGEST. LAUNCH. EVER. this May, and host a retreat in Thailand. Oh, and I was going to look really cute doing it.

And I have to give myself credit, in the past four months, while traveling through South America, I’ve…

  • Made many new friends (and maintained pre-existing relationships).
  • Kept a consistently healthy 1 on 1 coaching practice + group program going in the face of electrical outages, spotty wifi, a broken laptop, and a slew of other unpredictable work conditions.
  • Met a boy I really like 🙂
  • Interviewed 13 amazing lady-preneurs for my Day Job to Dream Job summit.
  • Hosted a Periscope challenge.
  • Done some creative writing.
  • Had 2 photoshoots
  • Busted through my fear of public speaking
  • Posted on social media almost every single day
  • Put together a super detailed mega-plan for my upcoming group program launch.

But you know how I was starting to feel last week?

Cranky. Disgruntled. Un-centered. And not all that happy if I’m being honest.

Despite all the pretty pictures littering my Instagram feed, the cool people I was meeting, and a business that was everything I had wanted when I first started out, my life felt like it was bursting at the seems, and it did not feel good.

So I started to get curious…and did a session with the magical (real life mermaid) Heather Bruce Allison.

My big question was this: How do I fall back in love with my work (and, quite honestly, my life)? We began the session with a meditation and she asked me to feel into moving forward with my upcoming launch as planned. My body felt tight and dry, and I saw the color brown.

Then she had me feel into delaying the launch by a few months, and suddenly my body softened, and felt spacious. I saw the color blue.

And so, after much anxiety, second-guessing and feeling feelings, I postponed my launch…and I now feel SO relieved.

My days feel more spacious, I’m less cranky and emotional, and I feel way calmer throughout my work day. Will I make a little less money this month than I thought? Possibly. Will I ultimately be just fine (and probably much better off…financially AND emotionally because of this decision? 100%.

If any part of my story resonates, there’s a message here for you.

Sacrificing your being to get ahead in business never works. Setting goals from the neck up leads to resentment, overwhelm and frustration. You don’t have to “do it all” to get awesome results.

When I look at where the most impact came from in the last few months (in terms of money, relationships, and overall satisfaction), it was this:

  • Writing (and sharing my writing via email and social media)
  • Long chats with soul sisters
  • My weekly Marketing Monday calls in IGC
  • The actual coaching I do with clients 1 on 1 and in my group program
  • Sundays spent in bed with my boyfriend
  • Wandering around beautiful cities and taking pictures

THESE are the things that have brought the biggest results. And they are surprisingly simple, natural and easy for me.

Now, it’s your turn…

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, what could you cut out of your schedule?

What are you doing because someone told you you “should” do it, that doesn’t actually feel aligned?

What are you afraid might happen if you stopped sprinting forward, and took a few minutes to catch your breath and enjoy your surroundings?

I’d love to hear about it. And if you REALLY want to dig in together on it, book a discovery call – let’s jam on what’s possible for you.

The importance of divine timing in your life + business

Last summer, after 2 years of working tirelessly to get my business off the ground, I was finally feeling solid and steady.

I had left my marketing agency job to coach full-time, filled up my 1-on-1 practice with awesome clients, and successfully launched 2 rounds of my signature group program for new coaches, Marketing Mastery.  

Business was good…but I was restless.

I had been in DC for 7 years and felt a strong desire to travel…not just to go on a vacation…but to live a more nomadic + adventurous lifestyle.

With this clarity, however, came a flurry of anxiety and questions…

Where would I go?

Would I actually be able to do my work in the exotic places my heart longed to visit?

Would it be lonely?

What if traveling ruined the business I had just worked my buns off to build?

I began exploring options and doing research…

  • I investigated a 3-week stint in Costa Rica…but the retreat center where I wanted to stay couldn’t guarantee electricity, let alone wifi.
  • A friend invited me to work from her boyfriend’s beach house in Spain…but then they broke up and those plans fell through.
  • I met a boy who really made my heart go pitter pat and for a swoon-worthy 48 hours considered spending a month in Colorado to explore the possibility there…but then things fizzled out.
  • Then one of my best friends had a family tragedy…and really needed me to be in DC.

I temporarily pressed pause on my travel plans, forgetting them for a bit.  

But The Universe didn’t forget about my desires (it never does) and was conspiring to bring me the exact right travel experience at the exact right time.

One sunny summer afternoon I was lounging by the pool at my Mom’s house and she mentioned a program she had just read about in the New York Times called Remote Year, where 75 young professionals travel to 12 countries in 12 months while working remotely.

My heart skipped a beat as her words sunk in, and I felt a sense of exhilaration coursing through my body.  This was EXACTLY the kind of experience I’d been wanting but I didn’t even know existed.

I immediately began visualizing myself on the trip and saying affirmations, and when registration re-opened, I applied straight away.  After a few essays and a Skype interview, I was accepted, and a couple days later I sent in my deposit.  

It happened so easily this time…with none of the hiccups that I had experienced last spring.

I share this story because I KNOW how frustrating it is to have a big juicy desire or think you’re ready for your next up-level…but feel like things just aren’t lining up for you.

  • Maybe you want to start a coaching business but have no clue how you would find your first paid clients, let alone replace/exceed your current salary.
  • Perhaps you want to reach a wider audience….but hear crickets whenever you share content on social media or pitch a guest post to a publication you love.
  • Or it’s possible you’re looking for a lifestyle shift like I was…but the “how” of it all feels totally overwhelming.

I want to remind you that despite current appearances, whatever you want is not only possible, it’s on its way to you.  

If you keep bumping up against obstacles it doesn’t mean that your desires aren’t in the cards for you.  It might just mean that you’re not quiiiiite ready yet and that something even better than you could have imagined is coming to you…in the perfect way at the perfect time.

The best thing you can do is to have faith, take inspired action toward making your desires a reality, and loosen your grip on the exact result/timeframe…allowing The Universe to do her thing (and even take your breath away every now and then ;)).

Desires are like seeds—when we keep watering them, they will eventually grow into beautiful plants…but in the beginning, when a seed is first planted, it can look like nothing is happening.

Whatever you’re currently manifesting, do your best not to get discouraged or give up just because everything is not going perfectly and it doesn’t fall into your lap immediately.

Trust in divine timing, you won’t regret it 😉

Do you suffer from business FOMO?

Just Say No To FOMO

My last few weeks living/working in Montevideo, Uruguay have been a whirlwind that I can only describe as summer camp meets study abroad meets the first month of freshman year of college.

I have been surrounded by novelty (people, language, places, food) and still running my business as usual (complete with a booked up 1-on-1 practice + group program).

It’s been wonderful….with an emphasis on the FULL part.

So last Friday as I was about to hop onto a crowded bus for a weekend Surf Trip to a beach town called Punta Del Este…a little voice inside told me to stop.

My intuition spoke very clearly, saying: “Don’t go away this weekend, Rebecca.  You need to rest.”

My logical brain fought back (as it does…)

“You’ve already paid for this!”, “You love surfing!”, and the big one…”everyone else is doing it.”

Basically I was faced with some major FOMO (fear of missing out) if I didn’t go…but I know myself…and I know what happens when I ignore that quiet yet wise inner voice of mine…IT GETS LOUDER AND LOUDER UNTIL I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO LISTEN.

So I stayed…and rest I did (I took a 4 hour nap on Saturday and enjoyed 3 back-to-back nights of 9 hours of sleep).  I have zero regrets and am starting off the week refreshed and in the zone.  I even ended up going to a local beach on Sunday and had a (chill) blast.

The whole experience got me thinking about this concept of FOMO and how it not only impacts our lives…but our businesses.

For example, have you ever…

  • Gotten sucked into a marketing campaign for something you didn’t even know you needed…only to end up overwhelmed, distracted, and financially overextended because you tried to take on too much at once?

  • Compared your business, offerings, or website to people in your industry who are a few steps ahead of you…and felt totally inadequate as a result?

  • Attempted to try every new marketing tactic an “expert” recommended…but done nothing consistently…and ended up scattered + seeing minimal results?

  • Felt really proud of hitting a particular business milestone…until you notice on Facebook that so and so made 6-figures in 6 months as a brand new coach…and assume there must be something wrong with YOU because your wins just aren’t as big and shiny?

If you can relate, I have news for you: You’re suffering from business FOMO.

And it’s literally kryptonite for your success as a coach.

The good news?  There is a cure.

Read on for my no-fail process to help you unhook from FOMO so you can stay in your own lane, trust yourself, and create a FABULOUS business + life that is unique to YOU.

1. Tune in

We all have an inner voice that always sends us messages guiding us to our highest and best.  This inner advisor is powerful + oh so wise…but can easily get drowned out by busyness + mental chatter.  Be sure to take a few minutes each day for silent reflection, meditation and/or journaling to allow this wellspring of wisdom to rise to the surface…and start trusting it when it does appear!

2. Set boundaries around social media

The online world can be a blessing and a curse for coaches and healers.  It can provide us with tons of awesome information + emotional support…along with infinite people to compare ourselves + our progress to (and thus infinite opportunities to feel inferior).  It is VITALLY important that you engage on social media intentionally and with awareness (ie. minimize notifications/checking up on your “competition” and focus on growing + nurturing YOUR community).

3. Ask yourself: “What am I REALLY afraid of?”

It’s super important to get to the root of your flavor of FOMO.  Typically it revolves around some aspect of not enough-ness and a scarcity mindset.  Are you worried about falling behind?  Not being smart enough? Tech-savvy enough?  Well-connected enough?  Ultimately scarcity is a myth (and thus, so is FOMO).

Repeat after me…

You can never miss out on a thing, person or experience that is truly meant for you—and when you ground into + fully embrace this concept of abundance and enough-ness, everything gets better.

Do you relate to the business FOMO conversation?  I invite you to “out” yourself in my private Facebook group, Full Time Fabulous, and tag me.

From living in my mom’s basement to traveling the world


Ever since graduating college in 2010 I’ve called Washington DC home, but this Saturday I start the next chapter of my life…

I’m visiting 12 countries in 12 months through a program called the Remote Year!

Here’s a sneak peak at my itinerary…

February – Montevideo, Uruguay

March – Buenos Aires, Argentina

April – La Paz, Bolivia

May – Cusco, Peru

June – Istanbul, Turkey

July – Prague, Czech Republic

August – Belgrade, Serbia

September – Cavtat Croatia

October – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November – Koh Phangan, Thailand

December – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

January – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I’m bursting with excitement, a few pre-trip jitters, and soooo much gratitude <3

It will still be business as usual for me (working with my amazing 1-on-1 clients, the fabulous women in my group program, Marketing Mastery, and serving as the Director of Marketing and Business Training for Inner Glow Circle).

But instead of coaching/writing from my pink leather couch in the nation’s capital… I’ll be working from seaside cafes and co-working spaces across the globe!

Whether your dream includes trotting around the world…or running your biz from your couch…I want you to know that it’s meant for you (and that you can have it sooner than you think).

Last January I had juuuust moved out of my Mom’s basement, cut back to working a few days a week at my formerly full-time job, announced that I would no longer be offering “life coaching” and “marketing services” separately but in one cohesive (and more expensive) package, and hired my first high end coach.

My life felt like one leap of faith after another…it was terrifying and totally exhilarating.

In some ways I’m experiencing a bit of déjà vu this January as I prepare to leap again.

As I check off the final items on my To-Do list (last round of immunizations, pre-trip highlights, switching my cell phone plan, etc.) I’m kind of in awe of all that’s happened since last January…

  • Leaving my former job to run The Pursuit of Fabulous full-time (and replacing my old salary in the first 6 months)
  • Starting Inner Glow Circle (part women’s sisterhood part coach training program with my best friends in the world).
  • Selling my first high end coaching package…and eventually selling out my 1 on 1 practice
  • Going from super nervous about speaking in front of a group to creating a signature group program, Marketing Mastery, and running it 3 times in one year (next round starts in mid-June so stay tuned).

It was a year of proving myself and testing what I was made of.

There were so many times when I felt afraid. Overwhelmed. Like I wasn’t quite sure how I would ever make my big dreams my reality…but I just kept trusting and taking the next right action.

What was it that made the biggest difference for me this year? Ultimately I couldn’t have done it without…

  • Sisterhood—having a Taylor Swift-style crew of power girls that I can reach out to for emotional support + business advice has been totally invaluable (Katie, Natalie, Kelly and Lexi I’m looking at YOU).
  • High-level coaching—I seriously don’t know what I would have done without the amazing coaches who have supported me and my business in the last year (Jessica, Sara, Ellie, and Mel are AH-MAZING).
  • Shifting my beliefs around money. I definitely dipped into my savings this year and used credit cards (responsibly). Click here to read my empowering money beliefs for spiritual entrepreneurs.
  • Creating a mindset practice—last September, right after I did Mel Pharr’s mindset challenge, I had my first $35k month and sold out my 1-on-1 practice. Coincidence? I think not. I know believe that having a powerful (and consistent daily mindset practice) is a must for success as a coach.

I’ve always loved the quote, “success leaves footprints” which basically means that if you want what someone else has (or your version of it) it makes sense to do what they do.

So if this is the year you want to create a thriving freedom-based coaching biz, I highly suggest build a community of likeminded women, get the support of a coach, examine whether or not your money beliefs are supporting your entrepreneurial dreams, and get your head in the game daily with an empowering mindset practice.

Want support in creating your version of a fabulous life in 2016?

I have 1 spot opening up in my 1 on 1 practice starting in February.

Click here to apply for a discovery call to see if working together feels like a good fit.



Afraid people will judge you if you “come out of the closet” as a coach?

pic for post

To be your most powerful self in the world and grow the business you are capable of, it’s vitally important that you shed light onto the fears and blocks standing in your way.

And one of the biggest fears I hear again and again from my clients is the fear of disapproval and judgment from others.

I’ll invite them to post about their business on Facebook or start introducing themselves as a coach when they’re out and about in the world, and they’ll say something like,

“OMG I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.  What if people criticize and judge me? What if my family and friends don’t approve or think I’m crazy? What if I have haters?”

The fear of criticism is POWERFUL.

And on a certain level this makes sense. Outspoken women have been metaphorically (and literally) bunt at the stake for centuries. The fear of being judged and shamed is woven into the collective unconscious of our society. But what we often don’t realize, at least on a conscious level, is that it is actually safe to speak our truth now.

Western women have more power to share our voices and express ourselves than anywhere else and at any other time in history. But many of us have a deeply entrenched need for approval that is holding us back.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the fear of criticism or disapproval strike a chord with you?
  • If you really spoke your truth, who are you worried you might offend or disappoint?
  • Is their approval really worth you playing small and not achieving your dreams? (put another way, if you had to choose between these people’s approval and a big pile of money + personal satisfaction, which would you pick?)

Here’s the thing.

When you first start your coaching business (before you have a fancy website, professional photos, or marketing systems and structures in place) the easiest way to get hired is through acquaintances and friends of friends.  But the only way that word of mouth will happen is if you are open and confident about being a coach!

The following quote by Danielle LaPorte sums up my thoughts on the fear of disapproval perfectly:

“I have never met someone who is living a bold and successful life—and by successful I mean prosperous, kind, and in touch with the meaningfulness of what he’s doing—who has apologized for being perfectionist, mercurial, unrelenting, or whatever his slightly controversial hallmark characteristics are. You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, to soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.”




A not so sexy (but oh so necessary) post about money management

me on laptop

Just as it’s hard to prepare a gourmet meal in a messy kitchen or assemble a fabulous outfit in a disorganized closet, building a thriving coaching business is next-to-impossible when your finances are a hot mess!

Unfortunately, however, many women find the topic of money management to be about as appealing as a root canal or trip to the DMV.

Can you relate?

If you feel at all anxious or disorganized when you think about your financial situation, it WILL impact your ability to bring in the income you desire as a coach.

To clear away stagnant energy around money and help you become a magnet for the wealth you desire, take some time to answer the following questions and really notice what comes up for you do (bonus points if you light a scented candle, throw on some up-beat tunes and pop a glass of bubbly as you do this—ANYTHING to make the exercise as FUN as possible!).

  1. How much money did you bring in last year?
  2. How much are you currently making/month and where is that money coming from?
  3.  Approximately how much are you spending each month (mint.com is an amazing + free tool to help you categorize your spending)?
  4. How much would you like to be making per month?
  5. What will you use that money for? Is this aligned with/on purpose for where you currently are in your life? Are you over or under-reaching?
  6. What fears do you have about making the money you desire?
  7. How might these fears be holding you back?
  8. What new empowering beliefs could you replace the fears with?

Whew – good job sister!

I know that wasn’t necessarily easy and I am so freaking proud of you. You officially have my permission to pour yourself a much-deserved cocktail (or green smoothie if that’s more your jam) and pat yourself on the back for a job well-done.

What nobody tells you about following your dreams

become a life coach

There is a dangerous myth floating around the coaching industry that starting a passion-based business is pure bliss…

And that if you’re not leaping out of bed each morning + experiencing huge paydays right away…you’re doing something wrong.

I call bullshit.  

While my entrepreneurial journey has been hands-down the most meaningful + worthwhile experience of my life…it has NOT been a cakewalk.

  • Announcing my first workshop and only having 2 people sign up?  Not fun.
  • Moving into my mom’s basement for 4 months so I could quit my full time job?  Not glamorous.
  • Having friends and family repeatedly express concern about my ability to support myself?  Not empowering.
  • Gaining 10 pounds and not getting my period for three months straight due to stress?  Not sexy.
  • Having clients sign up for packages…and then back out or completely ghost?  Not the best feeling in the world.
  • Spending more money on coaching + training per month than rent…again and again and again…and not always knowing how the money was going to come in?  Pretty freaking terrifying.

Worth it?  Definitely.  

But easy?  Oh hell no!

The thing is, when we only see the shiny Facebook-worthy stuff, we can forget that every entrepreneur is an actual human being and therefore on a journey (full of highs, lows, and yes the occasional sleepless night or ugly cry).

I don’t say this to scare you, but rather equip you with the grit + determination needed to see your business through it’s awkward puberty stages…and not quit too soon because someone told you it would be easy.

Because when you do stick it out, the rewards are pretty spectacular…

  • You learn what you’re really made of…and develop a trust in yourself and The Universe like never before.
  • You experience the magic of doing work you LOVE and getting paid (well!) for it, which never stops being awesome.
  • You help transform people’s lives.
  • You connect with a tribe of people that are so insanely cool you can barely believe it.
  • People start looking up to you and regularly thanking you for the work you do.
  • You experience a level of freedom and joy you never knew existed.

From what I hear, it’s a lot like becoming a mother.  Giving birth is a painful sweaty process, followed by years of sleepless nights and a level of fear and anxiety that never quite goes away…

But ultimately?  You can’t imagine your life without your kid and wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

If you’re ready to nurture my business baby (without losing my sanity), I invite you to book a free clarity call to learning about marketing and business coaching with me 🙂

Peace, love and all things FABULOUS,